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When you sign up with Direct TV, many times the promotions offered include a Direct TV rebate with a variety of different promos run throughout the year. Typically, they're based on the type of package chosen by new customers. There are also offers available to existing customers, usually triggered by an upgrade to a plan or service options. Regardless of the type of rebate you get, it's their way of thanking you for being a valued customer.

Direct TV's rebate is just one reason why they've retained so many customers and gain thousands more customers daily. Currently, Direct TV has over 20 million valued subscribers and has maintained the highest level of customer satisfaction for over ten years. The service provided to their customers is typically rated near or at the top by all the consumer review organizations. Direct TV also provides their customers with the latest technological advancements in entertainment and the latest pay-per-view movies and events, usually before their competition.

Rebates are typically given to compensate for the cost of programming plans or an equipment purchase. As a new customer with specific DVR needs above and beyond the average, you may be required to purchase equipment (though in most cases, a lease will suffice). The discounts offered can compensate you for some or all of the equipment costs, short and long-term. There are also promotions available to new customers that offer rebates to cover the entire installation fee (these tend to run year-round).

A common promotion offered to new and existing Direct TV customers enables you to purchase a package at a lower rate for a given period of time. Once the promotional period is over, it reverts back to the regular price. The Direct TV rebate is reflected in the monthly reduction of your service fee.

With respect to process, your discount is not given to you in the form of a mailed check. The rebates are posted to your Direct TV bill as a credit. Depending on the promotion, it can be a one-time credit on your bill or spread throughout a specific time frame. While some are automatically credited to your account, you may have to manually submit the request to Direct TV to start the process. When you sign up, make sure you ask if the Direct TV rebate is automatic or if you have to submit it, so you don't miss out on your savings.

If you have to manually submit it, click here to get started on Direct TV's rebate page. If you've already scheduled an installation, it's best to sign up before installation takes place -- that way, your rebate kicks in on your very first bill. Otherwise, it usually takes an additional month or two to process.

When you sign up for your new Direct TV service, ask if there are any promotions being offered, so you can take advantage of every deal available. In our opinion, you really can't go wrong with Direct TV. They offer a package to satisfy any taste and aren't shy about investing cash to improve their options and features. You can enjoy the most full time HD channels at no charge and the highest-quality 1080p HD experience while watching your favorite movies and sports. Chances are you'll find Direct TV exceeds your expectations and with the money saving opportunity through a Direct TV rebate, you'll be way ahead of the game.

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