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About Us

Started in 2008, Satellitetv-deal.com is a consumer advocacy site that always puts, you, the customer first. We've been in the satellite TV (and cable) industry for over 15 years and know all too well how difficult and frustrating it can be to setup and manage your TV services and programming. Often, there's misleading advertising, obscure contract terms and more. That's not to say every provider or offer is rough around the edges, though. These days, things are definitely becoming more open and transparent. Here's what we look for during our review process:

Clear and concise terms

Our top pet peeve is tiny fine print or hard-to-find offer/contractual terms. This was way more prevalent years ago, thankfully practices have drastically improved (the FTC and disgruntled customers played a hand in those changes). With satellite TV in particular, both DISH and DIRECTV have markedly improved the visibility into their pricing and contractual terms. Of the two, DISH's price-locked plans for 2 years (with ALL pricing and fees included) make it exceedingly easy for anyone to budget accordingly. In year 3 and beyond, prices occasionally increase but you have plenty of time to decide if you want to renew.

DIRECTV has a 2-year contract as well but they still increase their rates in year 2 so some careful calculations need to be made before you can (financially) pick the right plan for your home. Your service agent can help guide you there as well.

Excellent customer service

This is a deal breaker for us for any home service. If you can't call up a provider at any time for ANY reason and be met with an understandable and friendly agent, I'd rather take my business elsewhere. With both DIRECTV and DISH, they've prioritized customer service and while they occasionally still farm out to overseas, for the most part agents do an above average to excellent job (out of hundreds of calls over the years I can only think of a couple bad experiences.

Our insider info

Being in the industry under many different hats (manager, consultant, partner, retailer, etc.), we know exactly how telco businesses are grown and the often competitive path to get there. We're also still privy to a bunch of upcoming feature, service and programming changes/launches. That insight also helps guide our recommendations on the site. For example, if we think a change to a service or fee structure no longer justifies the value you'll likely get out of it, it'll usually be reflected in our next set of rankings and reviews.


TV entertainment is by definition a fun endeavor. But like anything, cost is always a factor, especially when you're dealing with a recurring monthly charge. We always do our best to always put our visitors' interests first, because above all else, we're paying subscribers as well. We hope you enjoy the site and if you ever have any suggestions on how we can improve or otherwise, feel free to get in touch.

-- SatelliteTV-Deal.com Team

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