DIRECTV Allows Customers to Opt Out of Local Channels

DIRECTV Locals: New Opt-Out Option

In a welcomed move, DIRECTV is now letting customers decide if they want to pay for local channels. All new/current subscribers can add or remove locals at will, with no fee or penalty for switching. They priced their set of local channels at $12/month, meaning you’ll save $144 a year if you decide to remove … Read more

AT&T experiments with “Pause Ads”

Coming to a DIRECTV and AT&T TV Now near you, when you pause a video, you’ll now possibly be delivered an ad. According to AT&Ts ad division, Xandr, and confirmed by our tests, the ads are usually motion (non-static), though they thankfully don’t have any sound. Hulu’s experimented with and launched a similar setup but … Read more

The Effects of the Recent AT&T (DIRECTV) and Viacom Deal

After a hotly contested licensing battle that dragged on for months, AT&T and Viacom networks finally reached an agreement in late March to avoid a programming blackout for DIRECTV subscribers. Putting various popular channels at stake (like Comedy Central, BET, Nickelodeon, MTV, etc), as most of the carriage disputes go, there was plenty of public … Read more