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Are DIRECTV Bundles Worth It?

by Jack Berkins on June 11, 2012

The word bundle is packed with all sorts of meanings, good and bad. When they first came out, the idea seemed great: you already had TV, internet and phone – why not combine them into one bill and save on all three. Practically, though, early bundles were fraught with spotty service and customer service. So, if you had a problem any of the three, troubleshooting and fixing the issue wasn’t so easy. The reality was telephone companies didn’t understand cable or internet and vice versa. As the years went by, though, technology and logistics caught up with demand and bundling started to regain favor. One of the leaders in that movement has been DIRECTV. They’ve been very picky in selecting providers and have made sure all support and technological hurdles have been met before committing. Here, we’ll discuss some of their more popular bundles and how they could benefit you.


One of the largest telecom companies in the world, AT&T now has their own TV service (UVERSE), but it’s still gaining traction and not available to everyone just yet. Its on-screen guide and features are also still relatively new; as with any unique technology, it’ll take some time to work out all the kinks and become a major player. Until that happens (or regardless), AT&T has been offering DIRECTV bundles to all their subscribers. Here’s a quick overview of their more popular plans:

Home Phone and DIRECTV – you get to select from DIRECTV’s more popular plans such as CHOICE XTRA, Entertainment, Family and more. In general, you’ll save about $5 to $40 per month by bundling the two, depending on the packages chosen (obviously, the bigger the plan, the higher the savings).

Home Phone, Internet and DIRECTV – on the flip side, DIRECTV has their own satellite internet service, but even on its best days it can’t compete with AT&T’s DSL or cable internet. If you have AT&T’s phone and internet service and are looking to switch to DIRECTV, you’ll save from $10 to $60 per month, again depending on plans.

For more on AT&T’s bundling options, click here.

DIRECTV with Verizon

It seems like every major company is going after the big three services. No exception, Verizon FiOS was created in 2005 to compete with DIRECT and DISH, but in a slightly different way. Delivered via a fiber optic line (similar to UVERSE), FiOS has made inroads in select markets, but it’s still well behind the leaders. Regarding DIRECTV bundling, they offer “Double Play” and “Triple Play” plans, whether you need internet and/or phone (home or cellular). You’ll end saving anywhere from $10 to $100 per month.

Find out more about Verizon’s bundles on their website.

DIRECTV and Other Providers

If you have high speed internet and/or phone service with more regional providers, give them a call and check if they offer DIRECTV bundles. A few companies that definitely contract with DIRECTV include CenturyLink, Cincinnati Bell and Windstream; visit their respective websites for the latest offers.

Bottom Line

Being the leader in satellite TV, DIRECTV has a ton of clout with other companies. If you’re happy with the phone or internet you currently have, but want to switch to DIRECTV, bundles are often a great, cost-effective solution. Just make sure you check the latest satellite TV specials and compare your total savings. In some cases, getting DIRECTV by itself may actually save you more, it really just depends on the promos being run by all the companies involved. If you have any questions or want to share your bundling story, please leave a comment below!

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Perry Reslop July 2, 2012 at 2:26 pm

I had the ATT bundle of TV, phone and internet and saved money for 12 months but then my rates went up…WAY up. I ended up saving 25% by moving my TV to direct tv. Still trying figure out if VOIP will save me more instead of a regular landline…it gets complicated since we make a lot of long distance calls.

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