DISH to Experiment with More Engaging, User-friendly Commercials

Let’s face it, no one really likes commercials, but it’s a necessary part of the TV broadcast biz (to offset production costs, etc). Luckily, commercial-skipping technology like DISH’s Autohop (which only works with NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX) and DIRECTV’s 30-sec skip helps avoid ’em if you’re so inclined. The market implication of that kind … Read more

Can You Get DIRECTV with Bad Credit?

Part of the process of getting DIRECTV Satellite involves a necessary evil, a quick credit check (it’s a “soft pull” and takes about 30 seconds). Yeah, it’s annoying but it’s an important step for DIRECTV since they provide customers with a bunch of free equipment and dishes (not to mention the free installation). If you … Read more

If you rent, don’t forget your satellite TV landlord permission form

Before your scheduled installation, make sure you avoid any snags by having your landlord permission form ready to go. Fact is, if you’re renting an apartment or house, neither DIRECTV nor DISH will install a dish without written permission. Back in the day, they used to, but it opened them up to liability and problems … Read more

DISH Hopper DVR System Review

In an effort to compete with DIRECTV’s multiple room DVR, DISH recently released their new whole-home DVR system, aptly named Hopper. Essentially, it consists of a primary DVR box with a variety of smaller “Joey” receivers for each of your TVs. From bigger hard drive space to simultaneous recording and playback, the entire system packs … Read more

TV Provider Comparison

For over a couple decades now, there have effectively been three primary TV providers to choose from: cable, DIRECTV and DISH. In this article, we’ll delve a bit deeper and compare the relative merits (and downsides) of each: Cable: First on the scene When it burst on the scene in the 50s and 60s and … Read more

Dish TV Installation: What to Expect

When it’s finally time to get your satellite TV wired, there are few things to consider before that day arrives to ensure your installation goes off without a hitch. Some are more important than others (and the majority will automatically be handled for you), but here are a few of the most important things to … Read more

5 Tips to Help You Buy Satellite Dish

If you’ve finally gotten fed up with the random price hikes and fees associated with cable, you’re probably looking to buy a satellite dish system and start fresh. Before you dive right in, it’s always a good idea to step back and give your entertainment needs a closer look — you’ll be much happier after … Read more

Finding Christian Satellite TV

Television programming has changed quite a bit over the years. As with most services, its evolution is driven by a demand from subscribers. Early on, satellite TV didn’t offer a whole lot in the way of religious channels (for a variety of reasons). To the credit of DIRECTV and DISH (the leading satellite TV providers), … Read more

Choosing the Right Satellite TV Retailer

One of the most overlooked parts of signing up is selecting the right satellite TV retailer. Once you’ve decided which service you’re going with (DIRECTV or DISH), the next step is figuring out who’s going to manage the order, delivery and installation. Sure, you may luck out either way, but if you want to make … Read more