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Can You Get DIRECTV with Bad Credit?

by Jack Berkins on September 27, 2012

Part of the process of getting DIRECTV involves a necessary evil, a quick credit check (it’s a “soft pull” and takes about 30 seconds). Yeah, it’s annoying but it’s an important step for DIRECTV since they provide customers with a bunch of free equipment and dishes (not to mention the free installation). If you end up not passing the check or would rather not share your credit history, you’ll probably have to provide them with a small deposit. Read on for more details…

What’s the minimum score required?

There’s no hard and fast number, but if your score is over 570, you probably won’t have to pay a deposit and will qualify for every promotion going. If you’re under 570, they may ask you to provide a deposit of anywhere from $50-$200, depending on the type of package and receiver you’re interested in. Keep in mind that’s a deposit not a fee so it’ll be applied to your upcoming bills. DIRECTV is simply looking for a bit of assurance and a deposit does just that.

Do I have to pay the deposit?

Certainly not, but you may have to work with DIRECTV to still get the service. That is, they may waive the deposit if you switch to the smallest package and/or an entry-level receiver. It’s a trade-off but it’ll get your service going. Once you establish an account history (at least a few months), give them a call and ask if you can upgrade plans or receivers — chances are you’ll now qualify without a deposit.

As a last resort, have someone else sign up

Just as with any service or purchase, you always have the option of having a friend or family member sign up in your place (just make sure they live at the address). They’ll go through the exact same steps and none of the pricing will change, the bill (and liability) will simply be in their name. If you go this route, my recommendation is to sign up for automatic bill-pay. It’ll ensure their credit doesn’t unnecessary get hit due to late payments and prevents any issues if you’ll be transferring money to their bank account every month, etc. The other nice upside with auto-pay is you’ll usually save an additional $10/mo. just for signing up.

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MARY CHAVEZ June 22, 2016 at 8:21 pm

if I could get Direct TVbut it’s been over 8 years will I be able to get it againor do I have to pay a deposit. when I had it before but it was under a different nameMary Swift was the name on the account. but I am divorced now so can I still get it? thank you very much for your time.

Jeannie Watson September 14, 2016 at 7:14 pm

I currently have dish. I hate it! My credit is bad due to my soon to be ex husband. I would like to know about getting direct tv, and possibly the internet for my grandaughter who lives with me,, and home phone. I llive in the woods ,in pinora township on s. Deerlake shores dr. I have a reed city mailing address but im in lake co. Im recieving an inheratance and would love to switch companies. Thanks

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