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Ever since the Pac-12 Network officially launched in 2012, DIRECTV subscribers and college fans (especially those on the west coast) have been left out in the cold. The root of the problem stems from the per-subscriber fees. License disagreements are all-to-common these days, and, for the most post, difficult to gauge if/when they’ll be resolved. […]


When a new ownership team with incredibly deep pockets takes over your team (and breaks the bank with a ton of free agent acquisitions), you gotta be thinking things are headed in the right direction. Well, back in 2012, that’s exactly what Dodger fans were enthused about. Gone was the stingy McCourt regime; the new […]


PAC-12 Fans on DIRECTV still being shutout

by Jack Berkins on June 30, 2013

It’s tough enough cheering for your favorite teams these days, but imagine not being able to see them in action or get the inside scoop (well, that actually might be a good thing for some :)). That’s the sad reality if you follow any of the teams to the left and have DIRECTV. Not surprisingly, […]


TWC and DIRECTV customers can now catch the Lakers online

by Jack Berkins on February 10, 2013

Starting this month, Time Warner Cable (TWC) and DIRECTV customers can now watch EVERY Laker game on the go…via their iPad, iPhone, Android or any other smartphone with internet access. If you’re a subscriber, simply head over to TWC’s sports site (or spanish version), enter your subscription details and you’re good to go. They also […]


2011 MLB World Series starts on 10/19

by Jack Berkins on October 17, 2011

It was a long and dramatic season and it’s come down to this. Two teams: one improbable upstart and the other looking to avenge last year’s loss. On Oct. 19, the Texas Rangers take on the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2011 MLB World Series. The redbirds were 10 games out in early September and […]


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