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TWC and DIRECTV customers can now catch the Lakers online

by Jack Berkins on February 10, 2013

Never miss a hoop again.

Starting this month, Time Warner Cable (TWC) and DIRECTV customers can now watch EVERY Laker game on the go…via their iPad, iPhone, Android or any other smartphone with internet access. If you’re a subscriber, simply head over to TWC’s sports site (or spanish version), enter your subscription details and you’re good to go. They also co-launched apps on the Apple Store and Google Play.

We took the website version out for a spin a couple days ago and have to admit, they did a pretty bang up job. Connection was seamless (as with most mobile sports streaming, 4G is passable, but WiFI is highly recommended) and the playback controls were pretty intuitive. The app, on the other hand (at least the Apple version), left us a bit let-down. After installation, it was VERY buggy, crashing more than half of the time; the one time we did get the game to start, it lagged, got choppy, then eventually froze up. Apps tend to be a bit more complicated to get right (especially the first-time out), so we’ll give ’em a pass for another week or so.

Of course, Time Warner is still not available on DISH (and we don’t expect it to be this season), so if you’re a big time Laker or Dodger fan, you probably don’t want to be switching to DISH anytime soon. Rumor has it DISH will eventually carry TWC by the end of the year…so, if you’re a current DISH subscriber AND a big LA sports fan, hang tight, things might be getting better soon enough. Although, the way the Lakers are kickin’ the ball around, you’ve probably just saved yourself a whole lot of aggravation :D.

If you are looking to switch providers (to or from Time Warner), check out this page for a closer look at TWC and how they stack up against satellite TV. Go Lakeshow!

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