American Heroes Channel

Founded: September, 1999
Parent Company: Discovery Communications
Tagline: "The Home of the Brave"

Previously called the Military Channel, the American Heroes Channel is all about the military and the history of warfare. From first-person war documentaries to profiles of the latest weapon technology, non-pacifists (or history buffs :) will get their fill of political strife and intercontinental battles. For example, a good chunk of their programming features each of the largest national/worlds wars: Revolutionary War, U.S. Civil War, WW1, WW2, etc.

For the sports fans out there, you might be surprised to learn that AHC occasionally broadcasts live sporting events. Depending on the year (and their agreement with college ball), the Army-Navy game might get simulcast on the American Heroes Channel. Most seasons, the two rivals clash in early to mid December.

As of this writing, AHC doesn't produce any original programming; instead, it typically re-broadcasts shows featured on its sister channels: Discover, H2, History, etc.

American Heroes Programming & Shows

Reruns: G.I. Factory, Future Weapons, Heroes of World War II, Special Ops Mission, Weapon Masters, World at War etc.
Original Series: n/a

Is American Heroes Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 287 (SD / HD)
Available - Channel 195 (SD / HD)

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