American Movie Classics (AMC) Channel

Founded: October, 1984
Parent Company: AMC Networks
Tagline: "Story Matters Here"

A mainstay for over 2 decades, the American Movie Classics Channel delivers a variety of general-interest programming options. Originally known for their diverse movie lineup, they've recently focused strategy to more short-form and reality type shows (who hasn't? :). Original shows like The Walking Dead put AMC back on the map and they're hoping to continue that trend in 2012 with shows about the US Dept of Homeland Security, among others. If you enjoy in-depth and through-provoking programming, you're probably already an AMC fan; if not, give them a shot, you might stumble upon your next favorite show.

American Movie Classics Programming & Shows

Reruns: The Three Stooges, Backstory, Hustle, The Rifleman, CSI: Miami, etc.
Original Series: The Lot, Shootout, Movies That Shook the World, Broken Trail, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, Comic Book Men, The Pitch, The Walking Dead, etc.

Is American Movie Classics Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 254 (SD / HD)
Available - Channel 130 (SD / HD)

DIRECTV Packages with American Movie Classics:

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