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Animal Planet Channel

Animal Planet
Founded: October, 1996
Parent Company: Discovery Communications
Tagline: "Surprisingly Human"
Website: animalplanet.com

Cute, cuddly and furry. In the early days, that's what Animal Planet was all about...and why not, it worked. Recently, however, they've shifted to shows with a bit more bite. Take Fatal Attractions, which takes you through the morbid and fascinating lives of folks with an unhealthy connection to dangerous animals. You can still find classic shows with a high cuteness factor, but nowadays you'll get more hard-hitting reality and documentary type shows that appeal to a broader demographic. Either way, Animal Planet is a programming mainstay for both DIRECTV and DISH, see all the packages that include it below.

Animal Planet Programming & Shows

Reruns: Emergency Vets, E-Vet Interns, It's Me or the Dog, The Jeff Corwin Experience, Wild Rescues, Big Cat Diary, etc.
Original Series: Fatal Attractions, Meerkat Manor, Orangutan Island, Puppy Bowl, The Crocodile Hunter, etc.

Is Animal Planet Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 282 (SD / HD)
Available - Channel 184 (SD) / 887 (HD)

DIRECTV Packages with Animal Planet:

Entertainment » Choice » XTRA » Ultimate » Premier »

News events for the Animal Planet

2/11/24 Kicking off its furry version of the Super Bowl, the 2024 Puppy Bowl rosters are set. Watch it during half-time of the big game.

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