Animal Planet Channel

Founded: October, 1996
Parent Company: Discovery Communications
Tagline: "Surprisingly Human"

Cute, cuddly and furry. In the early days, that's what Animal Planet was all about...and why not, it worked. Recently, however, they've shifted to shows with a bit more bite (literally). One such example is Fatal Attractions which takes you through the morbid yet fascinating lives of folks with a strong connection to animals...for better or worse. You can still find shows about the cutest cats in the world (and plenty of video of them playing with yarn :), but expect more hard-hitting reality and documentary type shows that appeal to a broader demographic. Either way, Animal Planet is a programming mainstay for both DIRECTV and DISH, see all the packages that include it below.

Animal Planet Programming & Shows

Reruns: Emergency Vets, E-Vet Interns, It's Me or the Dog, The Jeff Corwin Experience, Wild Rescues, Big Cat Diary, etc.
Original Series: Fatal Attractions, Meerkat Manor, Orangutan Island, Puppy Bowl, The Crocodile Hunter, etc.

Is Animal Planet Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 282 (SD / HD)
Available - Channel 184 (SD) / 887 (HD)

DIRECTV Packages with Animal Planet:

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