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CNBC World Channel

CNBC World
Founded: July, 2001
Parent Company: NBCUniversal
Tagline: "First in business worldwide"
Website: CNBC.com (mini-site)

As sister and flagship channel CNBC keeps its focus on U.S. markets, CNBC World aggregates ALL their international programming, making it easy for forex and global business followers to find the latest breaking news. Specifically, CNBC has affiliates covering the following regions: CNBC Europe, CNBC Asia (previously Asia Business News), CNBC Indonesia and more. So, as different markets open during any 24-hour cycle, CNBC World brings you that feed, direct and uncut. And while the U.S. stock market is open, they usually show re-runs of original shows (The Profit, American Greed, etc).

With regard to satellite or cable broadcast quality, they don't broadcast in HD (likely to curb costs). If you gotta have it in high def, you'll need to subscribe to CNBC Pro and stream it on your TV or device. Also note that CNBC World is not available on DISH and likely won't be anytime soon. Among the other major carriers, you'll find it on DIRECTV, AT&T Uverse, CenturyLink and FiOS. It's a specialty channel so obviously demand is capped but for those really into international business, it doesn't get much more convenient.

CNBC World Programming & Shows

Original Series: none
Reruns: Shark Tank, The Profit, American Greed, etc.

Is CNBC World Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 357 (SD)
Not Available

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