CNBC Channel

Founded: April, 1989
Parent Company: NBCUniversal
Tagline: "First in business worldwide"

The biggest name in business and investing news, CNBC is beamed to over 80% of households and, thanks to its growing suite of reality programming and dramas, is likely to continue to be one of the highest-rated cable channels around. From live investment advice shows like Mad Money to the corporate fails in American Greed, CNBC does a great job of maximizing its appeal, all under the business/entrepreneurship category.

A result of a late 80s merger between Cablevision and NBC, the Consumer News and Business Channel has a bunch of high profile partners and corporate backing. In theory, that could create a conflict of interest for a reporting agency but they manage to straddle that line pretty well. Toss in a very timely and user-friendly companion website (, there's never any shortage of corporate news for the interested. All told, while they have a fair amount of competition out there, CNBC remains the go-to network for breaking financial and investment news, worldwide.

CNBC Programming & Shows

Reruns: Shark Tank, Formula One, The Apprentice, etc.
Original Series: Mad Money, Street Signs, Fast Money, Closing Bell, Deal or No Deal, Squawk Box, The Profit, American Greed, Restaurant Startup, Blue Collar Millionaires, etc.

Is CNBC Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 355 (SD / HD)
Available - Channel 208 (SD / HD)
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