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CNN Channel

Founded: June, 1980
Parent Company: Turner Broadcasting System
Tagline: "The most trusted name in news"
Website: CNN.com

Arguably the most influential network on TV, CNN is the de facto leader in news reporting, political affiliation aside. Reaching well over 100 million households, Cable News Network really took off after their riveting and groundbreaking coverage of the Gulf War and 9/11 attacks. Legacies were cemented and CNN as a whole became synonymous with live, event-driven reporting. Nowadays, they're the go-to channel for everything from election coverage to the unfortunate natural disaster (and the inevitable overlap of the two :). Some of their staple programming currently include: The Lead, The Situation Room, 360°, etc.

Over the years and just like most major networks, CNN has experimented with a variety of different programming categories as well: talk show (hugely popular Larry King Live to the short-lived Piers Morgan Tonight) and reality (The Hunt with its fugitive busting, Somebody's Gotta Do It and its "Dirty Jobs" homage, etc). Some stick, some don't, but CNN knows where its bread is buttered... unfettered and 24-hour breaking news. With its sheer presence in just about every base cable, satellite and streaming TV plan (not to mention the exclusives and simulcasts on their website), CNN is likely to remain a vital source of national and geopolitical news for decades to come

CNN Programming & Shows

Original Series: Early Start, CNN Newsroom, At This Hour, Inside Politics, The Lead with Jake Tapper, The Situation Room, Erin Burnett OutFront, Anderson Cooper 360°, Cuomo Prime Time, CNN Tonight etc.
Reruns: essentially snippets or full replays of the above.

Is CNN Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 202 (SD / HD)
Available - Channel 200 (SD / HD)
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