Cooking Channel

Founded: May, 2010
Parent Company: Discovery, Inc.
Tagline: Stay Hungry

When you're craving a 4-cheese lasagna at 1 am or just want to beef up your cooking skills, the Cooking Channel has plenty of fun and educational programming. A 2002 spin-off of the popular Food Network, it was originally launched as Fine Living and geared towards wealthy dining and entertainment. When that proved too restrictive (especially after the '08 crash), it rebranded in 2010 as the more general-interest Cooking Channel. Now known for its reality and celebrity-hosted food shows (and broadcast to about 1/2 of U.S. households), its experienced solid growth over the decade and continues to satisfy viewers' palettes.

As on the Food Network, some of the bigger stars on the channel initially included Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay and Rachel Ray. Since then, they've launched plenty of original programming, with their bigger hits including Be My Guest (insider look at restaurants' hidden secrets), Unwrapped 2.0 (behind-the-scenes look at the production of your favorite foods) and Unique Eats (showcase of niche/buzz-worthy restaurants and their signature meals). To complement the original series, they also schedule plenty of re-reruns from the Food Network and other sister channels; e.g, Iron Chef, Ace of Cakes, Good Eats, etc. Overall, there's plenty to dig your teeth into with the Cooking Channel -- and while there's already plenty of cooking media out there in print and TV, this network serves up just enough (different) programming to stay hip and relevant.

Cooking Channel Programming & Shows

Original Series: Buffet @ Bobby's, Real Girl's Kitchen, Unwrapped 2.0, Tia Mowry at Home, Unique Eats, Unique Sweets, Sunday Suppers, Donut Showdown, etc.
Reruns: Iron Chef America, Iron Chef (Japanese version), MasterChef Canada, FoodCrafters, Food Jammers, Two Fat Ladies, Cupcake Wars, etc.

Is Cooking Channel Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 232 (HD/SD)
Available - Channel 113 (HD/SD)

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