The CW Channel

Founded: January, 2006
Parent Company: ViacomCBS/WarnerMedia
Tagline: "Dare to Defy"

A joint venture of Viacom and Warner Media back in 2006, the CW Network (aka The CW) is a local free-to-air network that has certainly evolved over the years, though always sticking to its core programming aimed at the younger demo (35 and under). For the most part, it picked up where the now-defunct UPN and WB networks left off, expanding their lineup with shows such as Gilmore Girls, WWE and The Next Top Model. In more recent years, its expanded its female-centric programming to include guys as well, all the while staying away from comedies and sticking with dramas and story-centric sci-fi.

With access to the entire DC Comics library, the CW has been hard at work at building franchises as well (keeping up with Marvel isn't easy but they're taking a solid stab at it). Some of the more noteworthy include Supergirl, Black Lightning, Dynasty, Archie Comics, Batwoman, Nancy Drew and more. As far as satellite TV goes, the CW is available on all packages with both DIRECTV and DISH. In fact, since it's free via local over-the-air, all you really need is an antenna; if interested, head over to and check if you're close enought to a tower to get it. You'll need an HD antenna to get a solid picture. Otherwise, just tune it on DISH or DIRECTV where it's always in 1080p.

The CW Programming & Shows

Original Series: Stargirl, The 100, Nancy Drew, Batwoman, Katy Keene, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, etc.
Reruns: Roswell, Riverdale, Whose Line it is Anyway, The Flash , etc.

Is The CW Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 14 (SD / HD)
Available - Local (SD / HD)
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