Discovery Family Channel

Discovery Family Channel
Founded: Oct, 1996
Parent Company: Discovery, Inc.
Tagline: All Together Now!

The more family-oriented sibling of the Discovery clan, Family brings you a satisfying mix of original and general-interest programming that's suitable for just about everyone in your household. Originally started in '96 as Discovery Kids, the channel was rebranded as the Hub Network when Hasbro took a partial stake in the business. Shows and cartoons themed around Hasbro's popular franchises (Transformers, My Little Pony, Pound Puppies, Too Cute, etc) made up the bulk of its daily programming. Whether they where over-the-top cute or colorful or just plain fun, a lot of those original series have developed a cult following since. Overall, Discovery Kids performed reasonably well but as with most ad-driven networks, change was on the way...

In 2014, the channel was once again refocused and took the current Discovery Family moniker. During the day, the same Hasbro-related cartoons and live action shows reign, while at night you'll usually find reruns of the more popular series from the parent Discovery network. So, it's probably not a channel the same person will watch in the morning and night, but it's a channel any member of the family can get into when the mood strikes for fun wholesome entertainment. Hasbro is and will continue to be a partial owner in the channel (which creates a nice symbiosis for new programming), so expect the good ol' days of "Saturday morning cartoons" to continue to be a major part of this channel's daily/morning routine. Overall, Discovery Family included in about half of all the satellite plans (mid tier and higher), which translates to Discovery Family being available to roughly half of all households in the US with a TV, roughly 55 million.

Discovery Family Programming & Shows

Original Series: My Little Pony, The Twisted Whiskers Show, Littles Pet Shop, Maryoku Yummy, Transformers, Secret Millionaires Club, SheZow, Rescue Bots, etc.
Reruns: Extreme Engineering, Wild Alaska, Cake Boss, Extreme Makeover, Too Cute, Cats 101, Chopped Junior, etc

Is Discovery Family Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 294 (HD/SD)
Available - Channel 179 (HD/SD)

DIRECTV Packages with Discovery Family:

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