Food Network Channel

Food Network channel
Founded: November, 1993
Parent Company: Discovery, Inc.
Tagline: Way More Than Cooking

The most influential food-related channel on TV, Food Network has always had a solid mix of reality and instructional shows. So, if you're looking to improve your cooking game or just want to drool over a ridiculously stacked strawberry tart, Food Network deserves a bookmark. They have two main programming blocks: daytime and primetime. Daytime is mostly dedicated to instructional shows while Primetime kicks it up a notch with shows such as Chopped, Iron Chef America, Beat Bobby Flay, Good Eats.

Owned by Discovery, Food Network has increasingly focused on reality shows over the past 2 decades, culiminating with The Next Food Network Star, which lets the audience pick the next big talent on the network. Smart process as it gets each winner (eg, Guy Fieri, Steve McDonagh) a solid foot in the door with their debut show. Its been a winning recipe since 2005 and don't expect it to change anytime soon. With respect to DISH and DIRECTV, not surprisingly it's available on both platforms and ALL plans. Check out the details below.

Food Network Programming & Shows

Original Series: Chopped, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Iron Chef America, Beat Bobby Flay, Good Eats, etc.
Reruns: re-broadcasts of all their original shows

Is Food Network Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 206 (SD / HD)
Available - Channel 110 (SD / HD)
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