Provider Face-Off: Comcast vs DIRECTV and DISH

Comcast vs DIRECTV vs DISH
Comparison Score: 86/100
Customer Rating: (3.8/5)
Comparison Score: 90/100
Customer Rating: (4.1/5)
Comparison Score: 92/100
Customer Rating: (4.0/5)
Best Price
$29.99/mo for 12 months

Digital Economy (45 chnls, promo pricing).
24-month contract required.
Fairly good plan with diverse programming; near the top of the heap of ANY national cable plan.

Best Price
$29/mo for 24 months

Flex Plan (55 chnls, regular pricing).
24-month contract required.
The lowest price in the industry. Those 50 channels are all quality as well; you won't find any part-time or "toss-in" programming.

Best Price
$59/mo for 12 months

SELECT Plan (155 chnls, promo pricing).
24-month contract required.
No HD or DVR monthly fees. Their second most popular plan, its value & channels are hard to match.

Max # channels
260+ channels

Digital Premier ($69.99/mo)
All channels are digital quality, with a growing percentage in HD.

Max # channels
330+ channels

America's Everything Pak ($149/mo)
All channels are digital quality, with about 85% available in HD.

Max # channels
330+ channels

Premier Plan ($139/mo)
All channels are digital quality, with about 90% available in HD.

Whole-home DVR
AnyRoom DVR Service

Includes one primary DVR (record and playback) and other "accessory" receivers that can ONLY playback (ie, no multiple recording).

Whole-home DVR
Hopper with Joey

Simultaneously record up to 16 different programs (16 tuners available). Hard drive space: 2 TB. Learn more.

Whole-home DVR
Genie with Genie minis

Simultaneously record up to 5 different shows (1 main Genie box with minis on the other TVs). Hard drive space: 1 TB. Learn more.

On-screen Guide
Average, at best

It's serviceable, fairly slow and, at times, buggy.

On-screen Guide

Clearly better than Comcast's, but just not as user-friendly as DIRECTV's guide.

On-screen Guide
Industry Leader

Immediately intuitive with a superb design, it doesn't get much better.

TV, Internet & Phone Bundle
XFINITY Triple Play: $99.99/mo

TV: 140+ channels
Internet: 25 Mbps download (no cap)
Phone: VoIP, unlimited domestic calling
(won't work in a power outage)

TV, Internet & Phone Bundle
no phone bundles

DISH's infrastructure doesn't support traditional (landline) or VoIP phone service.

TV, Internet & Phone Bundle
DIRECTV SELECT Bundle: $89.99/mo

DIRECTV delivers the TV (145 chnls) packaged with AT&T's internet (6 Mbps download) and home phone (Unlimited U.S. calling). Price is guaranteed for 2 years.

TV & Internet Bundle
XFINITY Double Play: $69.99/mo

TV: 140+ channels
Internet: 25 Mbps download (no cap)

TV & Internet Bundle
DISH Bundle: $94.98/mo

TV: 190+ channels
Internet: 5 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload (satellite internet so speeds vary by location)

TV & Internet Bundle
DIRECTV Bundle: $80/mo

TV: 150+ channels
Internet: 6 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload (AT&T U-verse DSL, with no data cap)

Customer Service
Below Average

Based on our experience (1.5 years as a customer) and visitor feedback, CSRs are really hit and miss. If a problem arises (with billing, service, etc), unfortunately, you can usually expect a bit of a battle.

Customer Service
Above Average

Their call centers are always sufficiently-staffed (minimal hold times) and deliver a solid mix of professionalism and real-world experience. Over the past few years, they've been independently rated at the top of the industry (JD Power).

Customer Service
Above Average

Right up there with DISH. Agents are extremely patient and take their time troubleshooting issues and addressing any/all complaints. Haven't had a bad experience in over 4 years as a customer, it's actually a pleasure calling them up.

or call 1-855-785-0665
or call 1-855-220-8135


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More about Comcast

Comcast first came on the scene in the early 1970s. After unparalleled growth in the 90s, they're now the #1 cable and internet provider in the US, third in phone service. Obviously, they ground their teeth in the cable game, but Comcast intelligently utilized coax technology to bring high-speed internet (and phone) to their customers in the form of convenient add-on bundles. For the most part, we recommend Comcast TV to folks if they're already paying for their cable or phone service. Their bundling prices can be attractive, especially if you lock in a quality promo (expect having to sign up for at least a 2-year contract).

As mentioned above, Comcast's major downside revolves around their customer service. Amongst their current and former customer base, it's sort of a running joke at just how subpar it is. Simply put, there's a risk that comes with dealing with a huge corporation spread across different technologies -- when stuff breaks, their service reps often have to guess or play catch-up on the fly (you'll usually have to escalate the issue to resolve it). If you're technologically savvy, you'll probably be able to deal with the typical issues that popup on your own (receiver glitches, programming delays, etc.). Otherwise, you may want to consider going with either DIRECTV or DISH, where you'll get a bit more personal attention and decidedly better technology and programming options.

Xfinity Bundles

Early in 2010, Comcast rebranded their triple play bundle (TV, internet and phone) into the new Xfinity brand. Some have suggested it was done to move past the bad PR of the "Comcast" name, but for better or worse, it's the name of the product if you're looking to combine services (individually, they're now called Xfinity TV, Xfinity Internet and Xfinity Voice). The only exception is if you live in a smaller city or rural area where all three services aren't yet available; in that case, the company will still go by "Comcast." Back to the plans, here's how they breakdown:


  1. Limited Basic - 10+ channels, $12.80/mo.
  2. Digital Economy - 45+ channels, $29.99/mo.
  3. Digital Starter - 140+ channels, $49.99/mo.
  4. Digital Preferred - 220+ channels, $59.99/mo.
  5. Digital Premier - 260+ channels, $69.99/mo.
XFINITY Internet
  1. Economy Plus - 3.5 Mbps, $39.95
  2. Performance Starter - 6.0 Mbps, $49.95
  3. Performance - up to 25.0 Mbps (+5 Mbps with PowerBoost technology), $39.95
  4. Blast! - up to 105.0 Mbps (+5 Mbps with PowerBoost technology), $59.95
  5. Extreme 150 - up to 150.0 Mbps, $89.95

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