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DIRECTV's New Customer Deals

This Month's Picks

A lot of the DIRECTV feedback we get revolves around two things: what channel is XYZ on and where can I find the best DTV deal for a new customer? First one's simple, the second should be just as easy but with all the media and outdated info out there, we decided to make things easier and create a page where the very latest will live... and constantly get updated. In addition (and probably even more helpful), we'll be matching the current bonuses to the most highly discounted packages and give each combo a ranking score. Only the top two get featured below, with each recommended for a specific household's needs (eg, for a family that digs sports or movies). Expect these rankings to change quite a bit so check back often if you're still in research mode. Enjoy...

May 2024
Choice Plan (Spring Season)     updated: 5/21/2024
Entertainment Plan (Spring Season) updated: 5/23/2024
Overall Score: 94/100
Overall Score: 92/100
$74.99/mo for 24 mths

DIRECTV Choice features a diverse mix of over 200 channels. It's both movie and sports-friendly while still being affordable.

$69.99/mo for 24 mths

The smallest plan on DIRECTV, Entertainment gets you the bulk of the channels available on DIRECTV, all at a smart price. It's not heavy on sports so consider Choice and up if that's your cup of tea.

Sign-up Bonus
Free DIRECTV Sports Pack

No cost for 3 months (reg: $14.99/mo). Over 40 channels: 30+ Regional Sports Networks, MLB Strike Zone, NFL RedZone, CBS Sports Network, etc.

Sign-up Bonus

Only available with Choice plan and above.

Price Guarantee
2-Year Price Lock

For new subscribers, get the discounted price locked-in for 24 months (the life of your contract).

Price Guarantee
2-Year Price Lock


Base Perks
Available with all plans

  • DIRECTV Genie Upgrade
  • No HD fees
  • Free Standard Installation of up to 4 rooms
  • Free Premium Movie Channels for 3 months
  • Free Local Channels

Base Perks
Available with all plans


NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network, etc.

CHOICE is the first DIRECTV plan that amps up the sports coverage without breaking the bank. Here's a quick look at some of the sports channels new to this plan: Big Ten Network (BTN), ESPN News, MLB Network, NFL Network and SEC Network.

ESPN, ESPN2 & Fox Sports 1

If you just need the basics or could care less who wins the Super Bowl, the three channels above should suffice.

This Plan Best For...
Sports fans on a budget

With the selection here, just about every fan should find solid coverage of their favorite team(s). Even college followers might get their fill with the BTN and SEC Networks (you'll need to upgrade packages for the other conferences).

This Plan Best For...
Families looking to save

If you have other sources of TV coverage (streaming service, etc) or just don't need a bunch of extra programming, the Entertainment plan has plenty of options for most subscribers.

Overall Savings
Over $675

Remember, DIRECTV uses all-inclusive pricing so all HD fees are already included in their monthly rate. And with the new 2-year price lock, you'll save quite a bit over traditional cable TV plans, especially with the solid channel value found here.

Overall Savings
Over $500

Removing the inherent value of the sports channels drops the overall savings a bit but considering you're paying quite a bit less out-of-pocket every month, it's a worthwhile trade-off for most.

Ways to order DIRECTV

Depending on the current specials, you can often save more by either ordering online or over the phone. As of today, DIRECTV is giving away Visa Reward cards of up to $ (depending on the plan you choose). They're available when you order online or over the phone - details on the current offer below:

DIRECTV's Gift Card Bonus
Expires: soon
  • Plans starting as low as $69.99/mo
  • Over 165 live TV channels
  • Bonus: Get up to a Visa Gift Card! (new)
  • FREE Genie DVR or Gemini Air device
  • FREE Max, SHOWTIME®, STARZ® & Cinemax® for 3 Mths
  • Note: DIRECTV's best offer since June 2021
Order Online
Order by Phone
Open now? Yes
Next-day installation available? Yes
45% Off

Value Cycles Throughout the Year

As with most industries, satellite TV has its own seasonalities that usually coincide with predictable events. DIRECTV, in particular, has partnerships with a bunch of Fortune 500 companies that drive a good chunk of their promos throughout the year. Namely, they've joined forces with AT&T, the NFL (more on that below), NASCAR, HBO, Showtime, CenturyLink, ViaSat and more. Now, depending on whether you want to bundle with internet/phone or just grab a movie or sports deal, things tend to break down as follows throughout the year:

  • Fall: NBA, NHL get started -- as DIRECTV gives you access to more sports coverage than any provider (traditional or streaming), this tends to be a big time of year for them. With channels like NBA Network, NHL Network and all your local sports channels, fans usually find what they need with DIRECTV.
  • Winter: December thru Feb is a big lull sports-wise so DIRECTV usually makes an effort to balance their offerings with various sign-up incentives such as a gift card, rebate or AT&T bundle promo.
  • Spring: April marks the start of Major League Baseball and, in early June, the end of the NBA... so there's often a sports promo or two to coincide with those big events. If not, they're constantly upgrading the DIRECTV Genie and almost always combine those DVR launches with sign-up bonuses.
  • Summer: during the dog days of summer (July thru early Sept), DIRECTV usually launches their first NFL Sunday Ticket offer and typically sweetens the pot with an additional, limited-time extra (e.g., AT&T internet perks, cell phone bundles, gift/rebate cards, etc.).

Insider Tip: as with most home services, DIRECTV wants to win/keep your business and they'll do everything possible to make things sync with your budget. That doesn't mean there are hidden specials above and beyond those in the table above, but with channel add-ons (such as the NFL Sunday Ticket) you can often get future years at a discounted rate (in year 2 and beyond, most free or discounted channel packs revert back to regular pricing). Here's how to give it a try... towards the end of your first year, give DIRECTV's retention department a ring and let them know you'd like to continue receiving the NFL Sunday Ticket at the discounted price, especially if they'd like to keep your business long-term. There's no guarantee it'll work but probably worth a shot if you're a big football fan.

Remember, These Deals are Only for New Customers

Just as we discussed with DISH's promos, DIRECTV has a hard cut-off for their definition of a "new" customer. In short, if its been more than 2 years since you last had DIRECTV, you qualify for the bonuses again (even if you took advantage of them the last time you were a subscriber). DIRECTV typically has your full membership history in their system so it's an easy check on their end. Since most DTV plans require a 2-year commitment, it's a bit of a rarity to be under 2 years when signing back up (some possible reasons include: moving somewhere with no line of sight to DIRECTV's satellites, billing issues, etc.)

Once they establish you're "new", your support agent will walk you through all the plan and sign-up options. As you go through those steps, and particularly during the final recap of your order, make sure they verbally confirm all the discounts added to your account before they lock in the order and set the installation date. Everything promised on that call has to honored by DIRECTV (and reflected on your bill). On the rare occasions a bill shows a discrepancy, simply give a manager a call to get it straightened out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get/redeem the free DIRECTV gift card?

Currently, new DIRECTV customers get a Visa gift card (all plans qualify). Six weeks after service activation, you'll get a reward notification email letting you know the card is ready to go. Visit the redemption site to fill out your details. You have 75 days from the date of the email to redeem the card (otherwise, it cancels out).

So, what happens after the 2-year price lock?

Your contract ends and rolls over into a month-to-month (cancel anytime). You'll pay the prevailing rate at the time, which could be lower or higher than the current prices.

Are these offers applicable to DIRECTV Stream as well?

No. DIRECTV runs both DIRECTV Satellite and DIRECTV Stream but their plans, promos and customers are kept separate (even though they share similar plan names).

Recent DIRECTV deals

These are specials that recently expired. You can't get these exact offers right now but they'll give you a good idea of the range of value over time.

Expired March 2024
$200 Visa bonus
DIRECTV recently reverted back to a $100 bonus instead. They've flip-flopped a few different times so expect the $200 bonus to become available soon.

Expired May 2023
$300 Visa bonus to switch from DISH
DISH subscribers were awarded an additional $300 Visa gift card (on top of a $200 card for everyone).

Relative value: a $500 sign-up bonus was one of the best perks of the year. Of course, for customers still under contract with DISH, they charge a cancellation fee when you leave early so part of the $300 had to go toward that.

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