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DIRECTV International Programming

Explore DIRECTV's International Programming

One of the perks of being a DIRECTV subscriber is the access to a ton of international programming. The number of langauges and quantity of channels have steadily increased over the past 5 years and, with a strong demand from its customer base, don't expect that trend to slow down anytime soon. Ranging from $14.99 to $39.99/mo (depending on the country/language), each package delivers an entertaining mix of richly cultural and locally popular programs. As with all plans, if you're not happy, simply call up DIRECTV to remove the service or find a la carte channels more to your liking (that is, only order 1 or 2 channels at a time). Most channels are now broadcast in high-quality HD, with more being added every year. Finally, keep in mind each international plan requires a core DIRECTV package (note the Entertainment package starts at $29.99/mo), so if you're only looking for foreign channels, get the smallest base plan you can. Click here to find a package. For a quick overview of your options, check out all international packages below:

En Español
Available: over 40 channels ($14.99/mo)
Top 3 channels:
Telemundo (East/West)
Univision (East/West)
History En Español

Instead of this package, you can also get smaller Spanish-only packages from Mexico (MÉXICO PLUS, $7.99/mo), all over Latin America (AMÉRICAS PLUS, $7.99/mo) or just Spanish movies (MÁS MOVIES, $4.99/mo).

Available: 2-4 channels ($29.99-$39.99/mo)
Top 3 channels:
TV Globo
BAND International

BrazilianDirect I = TV Globo & PFC ($29.99/mo)
BrazilianDirect II = TV Globo & BAND Int'l ($29.99/mo)
BrazilianDirect III = TV Globo, BAND Int'l & BAND News ($36.99/mo)
BrazilianDirect IV = TV Globo, PFC, BAND Int'l & BAND News ($39.99/mo)

Available: 8 channels ($19.99/mo)
Top 3 channels:
Charming China
Phoenix NA TV
CTI Zhong Tian

On MandarinDirect, watch popular shows such as Azio Superstar, Shangri-La and more; broadcasted primarily from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Available: 11-12 channels ($26.99-$31.99/mo)
Top 3 channels:

KoreanDirect = 11 channels ($29.99/mo)
KoreanDirect Golf = 11 channels + Golf Channel ($31.99/mo)

Available: 5-8 channels ($14.99-$29.99/mo)
Top 3 channels:
Channel 1 Russia
RTR Planeta

RussianDirect = 5 channels ($14.99/mo)
RussianDirect PLUS = 6 channels ($24.99/mo)
RussianDirect II = 8 channels($29.99/mo)

Available: 6 channels ($39.99/mo)
Top 3 channels:

TVB1 carries the most popular channels direct from Taiwan and China, including prime-time news, boxing and original dramatic series.

Available: 3-7 channels ($22.99-$29.99/mo)
Top 3 channels:
TVB Vietnam

VietDirect Basic = 3 channels ($22.99/mo)
VietDirect VHN = 6 channels ($24.99/mo)
VietDirect HONVIETV = 6 channels ($24.99/mo)
VietDirect Plus = 7 channels ($29.99/mo)

Available: 3-10 channels ($24.99-$34.99/mo)
Top 3 channels:
The Filipino Channel (TFC)
GMA Pinoy TV
Bro Channel (DIRECTV exclusive)

PinoyDirect = 3 channels ($24.99/mo)
TFCDirect = 8 channels ($25.99/mo)
FilipinoDirect = 10 channels ($34.99/mo)
All plans include news, sports and music channels.

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