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Compare DIRECTV's Programming

Known for their variety and value, DIRECTV features a handful of industry-leading plans suitable to just about any taste... all at a reasonable price. For example, with the CHOICE™ programming package, you can get over 200 entertainment, movie and sports channels for just $84.99/mo; not surprisingly, it remains one of their most popular plans, 10 years running.

Channel comparisonDIRECTV Channel Lineup
Not sure which packages include your favorite channels? View them side-by-side in our interactive table.

One of the major upsides of DIRECTV is the diversity of channels AND themes found in every pack. Whether you're looking for movie channels, locals, sports, HD or an international flair, you're sure to get the mix you want - and if not, you can easily add-on the programming you'd like for just a few extra bucks a month (compare the full line-up over to your right). Finally, keep in mind the pricing you see below is promotional - that is, that'll be your discounted price for 24 months. After a couple years, it'll revert to the regular rate. If that ends up being a bit too costly, you can always downgrade your plan at no additional fee.

165+ channels
$69.99 /mo
2-year Price Guarantee
Regular: $93
  • Over 165 live channels
  • $200 Visa Reward Card
  • Free Genie DVR System1
  • Free Local Channels
  • Free Installation
  • Free movie channels
  • Music Choice channels
200+ channels
$84.99 /mo
2-year Price Guarantee
Regular: $124
  • Over 200 Channels
  • $200 Visa Reward Card
  • Free Genie DVR System1
  • Free Local Channels
  • Free Installation
  • Free movie channels
  • Music Choice channels
  • Access to DIRECTV on Demand
270+ channels
$114.99 /mo
2-year Price Guarantee
Regular: $135
  • Over 270 Channels
  • 65+ more channels than DIRECTV Choice
  • $200 Visa Reward Card
  • Free Genie DVR System1
  • Free Local Channels
  • Free Installation
  • Free movie channels
  • Music Choice channels
340+ channels
$159.99 /mo
2-year Price Guarantee
Regular: $181
  • Over 340 Channels
  • 80+ more channels than DIRECTV Ultimate
  • $200 Visa Reward Card
  • Free Genie DVR System1
  • Free Local Channels
  • Free Installation
  • Every premium channel
  • Music Choice channels
  • Free SPORTS PACK: 35 regional channels
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DIRECTV Programming Plans

$59.99 for 24 months (save $44/mo.)
» Over 155 Channels, all-digital
» Affordable package with popular channels
$69.99 for 24 months (save $43/mo.)
» Over 165 Channels, all-digital
» Get more channels, including sports
$84.99 for 24 months (save $51/mo.)
» Over 200 Channels, all-digital
» A ton of value for the price
$94.99 for 24 months (save $48/mo.)
» Over 235 Channels, all-digital
» The most popular plan
$114.99 for 24 months (save $53/mo.)
» Over 270 Channels, all-digital
» For movie lovers, this package has 11 extra movie channels
$159.99 for 24 months (save $57/mo.)
» Over 340 Channels, all-digital
» Save $48/mo for first 3 mths on premium movie channels, plus get 35 sports networks

Via satellite or internet

You can now get DIRECTV either via the regular satellite route or via an internet connection. Plans cost the same but there are some important differences. For example, satellite requires a 2-year contract while internet doesn't. Satellite requires a Genie DVR while internet uses the Gemini, a Google-based device that lets you watch all your streaming apps as well.

DIRECTV HD Programming

Get over 200 full-time HD channels6, more than any other cable or satellite provider. DIRECTV's HD is of the highest quality and they carry the most movies in 1080p HD (same format as Blu-Ray™).

To access DIRECTV HD programming, HD equipment along with Advanced Receiver fee is required. Number of HD channels varies based on package selection.

AT&T TV Now - Streaming TV

DIRECTV Now has been renamed AT&T TV Now with much of the same prices and features. Click here to view our review. In short, if you'd like a month-to-month contract and can do without the NFL Sunday Ticket, a whole-home DVR and some of your local sports networks, it's worth a look.

Canales en Español

$59.99 for 24 months (save $12/mo.)
» Over 120 total channels (55+ spanish), all-digital
» Great entry-level package
$74.99 for 24 months (save $31/mo.)
» Over 205 total channels (70+ in spanish), all-digital
» First package with free HBO (+ HBO Latino), Cinemax, SHOWTIME & Max Latino
$89.99 for 24 months (save $38/mo.)
» Over 240 total channels (75+ spanish), all-digital
» GET HBO (+ HBO Latino), Cinemax, SHOWTIME & Max Latino free for 3 months
$159.99 for 24 months (save $45/mo.)
» Over 350 total channels (75+ spanish), all-digital
» Every premium movie channel (some in Spanish) and 35 sports specialty channels

Specialty and Add-on Programming

Local Channels - Provided it's available in your area, every DIRECTV package now comes with a 100% free local channel package (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, etc). Get local news, sports, and more all in HD digital quality.

Sports Programming - As discussed in our dish versus direct tv comparison, DIRECTV is at the cutting edge with the number and quality of sports channels (including being the exclusive provider of NFL SUNDAY TICKET).

Premium Movies - With free HBO, SHOWTIME and CINEMAX on most packages, many customers actually end up saving as they catch movies soon after they're out of theaters, instead of forking over $12 for a ticket. And if you're a fan of one of the original premium cable series (Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, How to make it in America, Dexter, Homeland, Weeds, etc.), you'll get the very most out of your entertainment dollar.

International Programming - DIRECT TV has you covered with a variety of foreign-language packages: Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Brazilian, South Asian, and Russian. Most of these channels feature fully-comprehensive, locally-immersive channels, not just simple dubbing or subtitles - you'll have hours of relevant, entertaining programming right at your fingertips.
1 With SELECT™ through ULTIMATE Packages. After 3 months, services continue at then prevailing rate (currently $53.99/mo.) unless you call to change or cancel. Requires you to select offer.
2 Includes instant rebates on one Genie HD DVR and up to three Genie Minis. Req's SELECT Pkg or above; 5th and each additional TV subject to $7/mo fee.
3 Local channels available in 99% of US households. Eligibility for local channels based on service address. Not all networks available in all markets.
4 Standard professional installation in up to four rooms only. Custom installation extra.
5 With CHOICE Package or above. Subscription renews automatically each season at then prevailing rate (currently $293.94/season) unless you call to cancel prior to the start of the season. Requires you to select offer.
6 HD local channels included in over 98% of U.S. households. To access HD programming, HD television required. Number of HD channels based on package selection.

Where to get your Package

As of today, the following retailer is offering DIRECTV plans at the lowest price available...
DIRECTV's Gift Card Bonus
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  • Plans starting as low as $69.99/mo
  • Over 165 live TV channels
  • Bonus: Get up to a 200 Visa Gift Card! (new)
  • FREE Genie DVR or Gemini Air device
  • FREE Max, SHOWTIME®, STARZ® & Cinemax® for 3 Mths
  • Note: DIRECTV's best offer since May 2018
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