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When you've done your research and are looking to setup service, your next step is usually to find a reputable and helpful retailer to process your order and perform the installation. There are countless out there (we've worked with most of 'em), but only a select few have stood the test of time and continue to outperform the competition. There's a few key things to look out for, here's our top 3:

Customer Service - during a phone order, nothing's more painful than having to pull teeth or worse, dodge heavy sales tactics. The leading retailers train their customer service reps to be courteous, respectful and helpful (in that order)...AND are 100% U.S.-based. Bottom line, if you're not being treated properly, move on and check that retailer off your list.
Installers - most retailers contract out their installation orders to local installers, but just as with any other service industry, the quality can greatly vary. The best retailers get their installers 100% certified and make certain they've completed a full training program before they're sent out to customers.
Price - obviously, you'll want to lock-in the best possible price during sign-up, but there are a couple different factors in play. DIRECTV sets the default promos (and periodically updates them throughout the year), but retailers have the ability to toss in additional perks and bonuses. Secondly, the top companies encourage their call center agents to be as open and up-front regarding rebates and long-term discounts for specific packages. To cover your bases, make sure you ask about any deals you may be close to qualifying could end up saving more cash by going with the bigger plan.

Top Picks

Based on visitor feedback over the past few years, below are our top-rated DIRECTV retailers. Click on a name to visit their full profile. If you've had contact with any of them (good or bad), please leave a review and help others out.

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More about Retailers

When's the best time to call? For the most part, you just want to make sure you don't call at the tail end of their call center hours. Most customer service reps work off commission so, for example, if it's near their lunch hour, they're likely to push off that pasta until your order is finalized. However, if it's near closing time, most have to leave, either due to policy or other obligations. The last thing you want is to have to pick up your order the next morning or even worse, start all over. If you're not sure on their hours, ask them up front and don't start the process unless you have at least 30 minutes before closing.

Does it matter WHO I speak with? It can. As with most call centers, there are almost always supervisors and managers on hand. If you're not getting the exact offer promised elsewhere (or seen online), don't be afraid to ask to speak to a supervisor. They usually have the power to override the default specs and may work with you to hit your budget (especially if you're considering the higher tier packages). Make sure you're looking out for your best interest; when it comes to satellite TV, you'll never have more negotiation leverage than during the initial order.

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