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Founded: Feb, 2008
BBB Rating: no listing found
Our Rating: 9.2/10
Serves: nationwide (contiguous U.S.)
Direct Choice Satellite
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A fairly recent newcomer as an authorized retailer, DIRECT CHOICE SATELLITE has made a solid impression thus far. They've put a heavy emphasis on training their sales staff to be uber courteous and helpful. We can't speak for the current situation, but when we called them up a couple different times in early 2012, each agent met all our questions with short, knowledgeable answers... and chipped in suggestions where prudent (ie, never too pushy). On the technology, their website does a great job of presenting all the different packages and specials, all via a snappy design and layout.


  • 100% U.S.-based Call Center
  • Fully accredited team of installers (dedicated to DIRECTV)


  • They don't have a large sales team, so you may need to wait your turn.
  • The ordering process on their website is a bit cumbersome in spots.
Retailer Address
Direct Choice Satellite
1035 Spaulding Ave.
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

aka GJS Financial
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Name: Cammy
This is the 2nd time i've ordered direct tv and they did an ok job of taking my order and getting everything scheduled. I was hoping to save MORE but that was mostly my fault for waiting too long.
rating rating rating rating
Posted on: Saturday - May 19, 2012
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