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Score the leading DIRECTV Sports Packages

Every game. Everytime

Discounts: during pre-season (early-bird) and at mid-season
Total # Sports Plans: 17
Our ValueScore™: DIRECTV: 98/100 (vs DISH: 87/100, Cable: 85/100)

Most DIRECTV packages already come with a great mix of sports channels, but if you follow an out-of-market team, need more juice for a fantasy league or just want to catch as many games as possible, there's probably a sports plan right in your wheelhouse. Check out DIRECTV's top sports packs below. Click a "learn more" button to get pricing and programming details.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET checked: today
Free for new customers
In-season: Sept - Jan
This is DIRECTV's most popular sports plan, by a landslide. Thanks to a recent renewal deal with the NFL, DIRECTV will continue to be the only place to find the NFL SUNDAY TICKET. As a bonus, you also get a handful of other cool features (NFL RedZone, Player Tracker, etc.). learn more
MLB Extra Innings checked: 4/20/2023
2023 Price: $199 (early-bird)
In-season: April - Oct
The #2 ranked sport in the U.S., it's also DIRECTV's second most popular sports plan. Watch over 60 regular season games every week, all in 1080p HD. As with most premium sports plans, you can preview it for free during the first couple weeks of the season. learn more
NBA League Pass checked: 4/25/2023
2023 Price: $110 (early-bird)
In-season: Oct - Apr
If you're a basketball fan, there's nothing better than following out-of-town teams and scoping out the competition. You'll get the local perspective from the home team's broadcasting team for over 40 games a week. Game on! learn more
NHL Center Ice checked: today
2023 Price: $116 (early-bird)
In-season: Oct - Apr
Hockey is still a growing sport in the US, but for die-hard fans nothing beats the speed and excitement of a well-played hockey match. If you can't get to enough games in person, this plan will give over 40 league games per week. learn more
NASCAR Hotpass™ checked: 4/20/2023
Free for ALL customers
In-season: Feb - Nov
Another DIRECTV exclusive, NASCAR Hotpass combines cutting-edge technology with unprecedented driver coverage. You'll ride along with the top drivers and get access to live radio feeds from every Sprint Cup team. learn more
MLS DIRECT KICK checked: 4/25/2023
2023 Price: $71 (early-bird)
In-season: Feb - Oct
A growing league in the US, Major League Soccer is starting to attract major international stars and it shows in the on-field action. With DIRECT KICK, you'll get over 221 regular season matches along with select playoff games. learn more
ESPN Full Court™ checked: today
2023 Price: $109
In-season: Nov - Feb
When it comes to no-holds barred action and untapped excitement, nothing beats a college basketball game. With ESPN's Full Court, you'll feel like you're in the student body section for all 150 games per season. learn more
Willow Cricket checked: 4/25/2023
2023 Price: $29.99/mo
In-season: all year
If you're from England, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, chances are you're bored by baseball and Cricket is the only rightful sport with wooden bats. Willow Cricket delivers matches from all over the globe, year-round. learn more

Catch all the action in crystal-clear HD

There's nothing more depressing than watching a game in standard def. Everything looks so compressed, blurry and downright sad. For a few years now, DIRECTV has required EVERY premium sports plan (which customers pay for) to broadcast in the highest-quality HD available (for most, that's 1080p). High definition kicks every play, move and shot to a whole new level of satisfaction. Even better, you can record the match in the same HD resolution and playback the key moments as often as you like (warning: umpires won't approve :).

If you want the best in sports, don't settle for less

Bottom line, DIRECTV trumps the competition when it comes to sports coverage. They not only have the top plan (NFL SUNDAY TICKET) but they seamlessly and intelligently connect each package. For example, you can easily switch from MLB and NFL games and follow all the day's scores via their real-time scoreboard. It's a sports lover's paradise, all from the comfort of your living room. If you put the fan in fanatic and are generally unhappy with DISH or cable, DIRECTV's sports options may just be reason enough to switch.

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