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Flex TV - DISH on your terms

Flex TV

Pre-pay Plan: no credit check or contract
Sign-up process: takes about 5 min.
Exclusive to: DISH (DIRECTV used to have a similar option)
Our ValueScore™ (convenience vs benefit): 89/100

Whether for privacy or flexibility, some folks would rather avoid long-term contracts or having their credit history checked. If that's you and you want DISH, there's good news... unlike most home services/utilities, DISH offers plenty of alternative sign-up options via their relatively new Flex TV program. Basically, it's a no frills, pre-pay way to get DISH service relatively risk-free and without a credit qualification step (by the way, DISH's checks are "soft pulls", which generally don't ding your credit). DISH doesn't force you to jump through hoops during the Flex TV process either - simply request it during your order and they'll walk you through the steps. But what exactly is involved and how do you know if it's right for you? Here are its key features, along with potential downsides:


  • No Credit Check required, everyone qualifies
  • No long-term contract (it's month-to-month)
  • You own all the equipment
  • Social Security Number remains private
  • Great for RVers/tailgaters (seasonal users)


  • Up-front costs - receiver/dish cost $199-$499
  • Equipment can eventually become obsolete
  • Doesn't qualify for sign-up bonuses (free HD, etc.)
  • Only new DISH customers can get Flex TV
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Plans that qualify for Flex TV

Below are some of the more popular plans that give you access to Flex TV's benefits (basically, any full-featured plan works, even select international plans). As with non-Flex TV, you can swap packages at anytime, without penalty.

$29-95.99 for 36 months (save $5-$40/mo.)
» 55-115 Channels; great starter plan. The lowest-priced English plan on Flex TV.
$79.99 for 36 months (save $15/mo.)
» Over 190 Channels, all-digital. Probably the most selected package.
$99.99 for 36 months (save $25/mo.)
» Over 240 Channels, all-digital. Get access to the HOPPER, 100% Free.
$109.99 for 36 months (save $30/mo.)
» Over 290 Channels, all-digital. If you're a movie buff, opt for this plan.
$54.99 per month (locked for 3 years)
» Over 190 Channels. The lowest-priced Spanish plan.
Other international plans available include: Chinese, Polish, Russian, Pakistan, Arabi and Hindi.

Flex TV Systems

Once you've settled on a plan, the next step is to pick an antenna/receiver system. Here, it's all about price, portability and speed. Read on for the most popular Flex TV systems available (prices are MSRP; you should be able to find them at a significant discount)...

Pathway X2Pathway X2
The Pathway Antennas are THE easiest ways to get DISH on the go. Ideal for RVers, campers, truck drivers and more, they're the popular successor to the Tailgater line. Smaller and quite a bit easier to use, they're the only DISH mobile antennas that allow you to independently view 2 receivers at the same time. Price-wise, they go for about $50 more than the Tailgator, but well worth it in our experience.

Price: $499.99 (usually includes one 211z receiver)
The first, fully-robust mobile antenna DISH put on the market, the Tailgater changed the way folks, well, tailgate. It automates the all-important step of locating the closest satellite and syncing the signal to the receiver. Granted, it's not as fast or feature-packed as the Pathway (e.g., only works with one receiver), but it's still a solid mobile antenna for the price.

Price: $449.99 (usually includes one 211k or 211z receiver)
HopperDISH Hopper
By now, you're probably pretty well acquainted with the DISH Hopper. In short, it features an industry-leading 2 TB of hard drive space, commercial "hopping" (skipping), 6 simultaneous receivers, Sling (mobile) integration and much more.
Price: $349.99 (includes one standard, non-mobile, DISH antenna)
DISH VIP 922DISH ViP 922 (dual)
Pre-Hopper, this was one of the most advanced receivers available from DISH. If you don't need all the features Hopper has to offer, it's still an incredibly fast and reliable box (1 TB of storage). It also intelligently lets you connect to your DVR via your computer browser, smartphone, etc.
Price: $199.99 (includes one standard, non-mobile, DISH antenna)
DISH 722 DISH ViP 722k (dual)
Price: $279.99
DISH 612 DISH ViP 612 (solo)
Price: $199.99
DISH 222k DISH 222k (dual)
Price: $199.99
DISH 211k DISH 211k (solo)
Price: $199.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application involved?

No. Simply ask for Flex TV when you order and they'll create your account accordingly. There is NO pre-approval process.

Will DISH sell me the equipment direcly?

In some cases, but it's usually much easier to buy your receiver and antenna separately. We recommend eBay, CampingWorld or your local DISH retailer.

Do I pay my bills at the beginning or end of the month?

Flex TV is all pre-pay, so monthly bills are due at the beginning of each month. Of course, if it's easier, DISH accepts automatic payments and it'll often qualify you for special deals or discounts.

What if I change my mind and longer want Flex TV?

That's one of the perks of Flex TV -- discontinue or restart the service whenever you want. If you'll probably never need the service again (sold your RV or retired from tailgating :), the equipment holds its value quite well and should be easy to resell.

Where to get the Program

As of today, the following retailer is offering Flex TV at the lowest price available...
The Best Price Package
Expires: soon!
  • Plans starting as low as $79.99/mo
  • Over 190 live TV channels
  • Prices now locked in for 3 years
  • FREE Smart HD DVR (Hopper 3 or Duo)
  • FREE Showtime, STARZ and DISH Movie Pack for 3 Months
  • FREE HD for Life! (w/ agreement, autopay & paperless billing)
  • BONUS: Free Voice Remote with Google Assistant
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