DISH Military Discounts

You get: Stars and Stripes Pack, 1 Free PPV & DISH Anywhere
Available to: all DISH customers
Expires: soon
ValueScore: 98/100

DISH recently launched a military discount for both active and retired armed forces and if you qualify, you should definitely take full advantage of the savings. The biggest bonus is free access to the Stars and Stripes Pack (8 homegrown and patriotic channels valued at over $120/year). You get the pack for two years (the length of DISH's contract) so that's over $240 in free programming. Those 8 channels include: American Heroes, Crime & investigation, Destination America, Get TV, Justice Network, REELZ, Smithsonian and STARZ Encore Westerns.

The next DISH military bonus is one free pay-per-view rental. Choose from over 80,000 titles including plenty of blockbusters fresh out of the theaters. The offer should be pre-loaded onto your Hopper DVR. Simply browse, rent, grab your popcorn and enjoy a flick on DISH.

Finally, you'll also get full access to DISH Anywhere, letting you watch ANY show on your DVR from anywhere in the world... even if you're deployed far away from home. A Hopper DVR is required - if you have an older receiver, DISH will upgrade you for free, help you get the new receiver set up and make sure you know how to manage all the snazzy new features.

How to qualify for DISH's military offers

As mentioned, both active and retired military qualify. Simply scan your military ID or any other proof and send it over to customer service so they can put it on file. Current subscribers qualify as well, just call up customer service and have them upgrade your account. Regarding plans, there's no minimum to qualify, so everyone can take part.

Finally, unlike some bonuses that force you to jump thru hoops or read the terms of service to get everything right, this one is very straight-forward and easy to activate. Once it's added to your account, it should stay there for at least 2 years (thereafter, you may want to call them up to check on status and get it re-added if needed).

Where to get this offer

As of today,, the official site, is the only place to immediately get access to all the discounts. Make sure you bring it up while on the phone with your customer service representative as they don't always remember to ask. Enjoy and thanks for your service to the country!

The Best Price Package
  • ONLY $59.99/mo (Top 120) guaranteed for 24 months!
  • FREE Smart HD DVR (Hopper 3 or Duo)*
  • FREE HBO, Showtime, STARZ and Cinemax for 3 Months
  • FREE HD for Life! (w/ agreement, autopay & paperless billing)
  • DISH Movie Pack FREE for 3 months (15 movie chnls)
  • Note(s): Act now & lock in this low price thru 2021.
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