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DISH's Receivers & Equipment

Last updated: 4/1/2023

DISH receivers have come a long way over the past decade. From 1080p HD a few years back to 4k and a 2 TB DVR now, they carry a receiver for just about any need. Their receivers are divided into three main categories: Hopper, regular HD DVR and standard. Nowadays, just about all new customers qualify for a Hopper, either the Hopper 3 or Duo.

For up to two TVs, you'll be given the option for the Hopper Duo. If you have 3 or more TVs, you qualify for the Hopper 3. The Duo is scaled down a bit but still has most of the popular features of the Hopper 3. Get all the details below.

Hopper Receivers

DISH Hopper 3Hopper 3
With its 2 TB drive and 16 tuners, this is currently the undisputed leader in DVR technology. It's program guide has also evolved for the best in recent years, putting its usability right up there with DIRECTV.
DISH Hopper DuoHopper Duo
A scaled down version of the Hopper 3, it's perfect for homes with 1 to 2 TVs. It'll save you a few bucks a month and still give you access to most of the Hopper 3's features.
» Hopper 3 vs Hopper Duo - Not sure which to get? Learn more about the differences between the two Hopper models with this simple side-by-side comparison.
DISH Hopper 2Hopper 2 (new)
A mix between the Hopper 3 and Duo. It features a 2 TB drive. 4 tuners and most of Hopper 3's features. Overall, a solid solution for households of 2-3 TVs.

HD DVR Receivers

DISH VIP 922 Slingbox-Loaded HD DVRDISH ViP 922 (dual)
This top-of-the-line receiver has ALL the bells and whistles. With a dual tuner, you can control two different TV's with just one receiver. Exclusive to this model (thanks to the integration of Slingbox's technology), you can watch TV anywhere on your computer or mobile phone. With a 1 terabyte hard drive (the largest in the business), you'll never have to sacrifice your old shows again!
DISH ViP 722 DUAL HD DVRDISH ViP 722k (dual)
As with the 922, you can independently control two different TV's with this receiver. A 500 GB hard drive gives you plenty of space with TV display resolutions of up to 1080i.
DISH ViP 612 SOLO HD DVRDISH ViP 612 (solo)
The 612 SOLO HD receiver gives you all the perks of HD and DVR in a streamlined package. Being a solo tuner, it controls one TV at a time and with a 320 GB high drive, gives you an ample amount of storage space.
DISH ViP 222k DUAL HD DVRDISH ViP 222k (dual)
An entry-level version of the 722, this receiver gives you dual tuner, HD and DVR capability without all the frills and features or the other receivers in this group.
DISH ViP 211k SOLO HD DVRDISH ViP 211k (solo)
The 211k solo tuner receiver is ideal for a one TV installation and comes complete with full HD and DVR capabilities.

DVR Receivers

DISH 625 DUAL DVRDISH 625 (dual)
The 625 DVR is the best of the non-HD (standard definition only) receivers. It independently controls 2 TVs, has a 250 GB hard drive and brings you the same intuitive and easy-to-use DISH programming guide you get with the HD versions.
DISH 512 SOLO DVRDISH 512 (solo)
The 512 single tuner controls one TV and holds up to 160 GB of recorded shows. Keep in mind standard definition (SD) programs take up less space than HD, so relatively, you'll get a great amount of coverage.

Standard Receivers

DISH 322 DUODISH 322 (dual)
If you don't have a high definition TV and don't need DVR capabilities, the standard receivers have you covered. The 322 DUO controls up to 2 TVs, even in separate rooms. This is a tried and true (and heavily tested) receiver, so expect it to be highly reliable.
DISH 311 SOLO DVRDISH 311 (solo)
The 311 receiver is the picture of simplicity. With a max display resolution of 480i and the ability to control 1 TV, it's compact and incredibly stable, even after years of use.

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For older accounts/receivers

If you're not sure about which set or type to go with, it's probably safest to go one level higher. It doesn't cost much more and is worth avoiding having to order a new receiver and ship back the old one. Finally, keep in mind just as with computers and other digital equipment, the technology tends to make major leaps every couple years. If you're a new subscriber, make sure you aim high. If you're already subscribed, you'll often qualify for a free upgrade -- be sure to check with DISH's customer service.
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