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DISH Retailers

Have you compared the prices and services offered by satellite TV and cable and chosen Sat TV? Check. Figured out DISH is running the best special? Check. Made certain your favorite channels are part of a DISH package you can afford? Check. Nice. Well, for most, the next step is to call up a DISH retailer (the company that'll officially place your order and perform the installation). As with any home service, however, there are a TON of options out there. Here's what we recommend you look out for:

Quality customer service - a catch-all category for good ol' fashioned consumer service. That means integrity and honesty...and lots of it. If one customer service agent is overtly rude and pushy, you can usually expect similar treatment from others in the same company. Quality retailers quickly weed out the bad eggs before they spoil the bunch.

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Licensed installers - whenever you have someone come to your home, you want them to be safe, capable and efficient. The best retailers make it a priority to hire/train installers that embody those traits as closely as possible. Installations are often anything but cookie-cutter; whether it's a tree obstructing reception or a tricky wiring job inside your home, they need to quickly think on their feet. Nothing ruins a great product quicker than a botched installation job.
Rock-bottom Prices - this one goes without saying. Other than brand loyalty (some folks will stick with DISH or DIRECTV, no matter what), price is THE top factor in choosing a TV provider. Whether you lock in a promotion or get one added post-install, everyone wants to feel like they scored a deal. The good thing is DISH retailers run promos year-round and they'll generally save you the same amount of money. One may give you a Visa gift card or save you a few extra bucks per month -- overall, you'll save anywhere from $6000-$700 during the first 2 years if you're a new customer.

Top Picks

Everything considered, below are our highest-recommended DISH retailers. They've consistently demonstrated superior customer service along with the lowest price per package rates (running average over the past 3 years). Click through below to learn more about each one:

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2 customer review(s)
5 out of 5 based on 1 vote(s)
1 customer review(s)

More about Retailers

Should I negotiate? Definitely. Don't be afraid to haggle for the best price you can BEFORE you order. Don't forget, you hold all the cards up until you hand over you credit card and officially place your order. Ask if you quality for more channels at the same price or maybe for just a few more dollars per month. Bottom line, pretend you're at your local swap meet. Save every dollar you can...it'll add up in the long run.

If you have the time, call up multiple retailers - If you're not rushed, it usually pays off to window shop and get some price quotes before placing an order. For example, some retailers will gladly waive the entire installation fee, some will charge you a nominal fee. There's a fair amount of latitude at every step of the ordering process. Make sure you're minimizing your costs at ever stage.

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