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Free Local Channels

Local Channels

You get: all of your local channels free (much more than the big 4 to the left)
Available to: all customers, current or new
Expires: never (as long you have an active account)
First seen in: 2007
ValueScore: 98/100

Can you get this offer with DIRECTV or DISH?

DIRECTV last checked: today
DISH last checked: 5/4/2023
Available with ALL packages...
Available with ALL packages...

Summary and History

Local programming is the link to your community. For most, it's an essential part of your TV time and lets you catch up on your local news, sports team or regional programming. In the early days of satellite TV, it wasn't so easy to get those channels, however. There was a bit of a battle between the local networks and the satellite TV industry, resulting in many DISH or DIRECTV subscribers keeping their cable just for the local channels or even resorting to the ol' bunny ears. Soon enough, an agreement was reached and local coverage has been quickly growing ever since. Today, just about 99% of the US can get their local channels via satellite TV and since it's a core part of every package, both companies have been offering it for free for over five years now (value of $10/month). It'll likely continue to be a free mainstay but there's no guarantee.

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