Free Premium Movies for 3 Months

Premium Movies

You get: every HBO, STARZ, Showtime and Cinemax channel free for 3 months
Available to: new customers only
Expires: 90 days after installation
First seen in: 2009
ValueScore™: 91/100

Can you get this offer with DIRECTV or DISH?

DIRECTV last checked: today
DISH last checked: 11/6/2022
Available with ALL packages...
Not Available with any package.
Currently, you can only get Showtime and STARZ (and DISH Movie Pack) free for 3 months. HBO and Cinemax are not included (though they previously were and might be again soon)
or call 1-855-239-7313
or call 1-855-220-8135

Summary and History

Everyone digs movies, but they can get costly, especially if you want to watch blockbusters or new releases. If you already subscribe to services such as Netflix or Redbox you have low-cost options, but there's not much better than watching a movie WHEN you want it and on your favorite TV (vs a cell phone or tablet). To boot, over the past few years, HBO, Showtime and now even STARZ have heavily invested in original programming. Starting with Sopranos (early HBO) to Spartacus (semi-recent STARZ), a lot of folks get the premium channels just to catch their favorite series. Recently, both DIRECTV and DISH have made all the premium movie channels available to new subscribers for a few months. It's really a win-win for everyone - you get a chance to find new programming and watch cool movies; 90 days later, if you get hooked on a show or a certain level of new movies per month, HBO or STARZ may get lucky enough to land a new, paying subscriber. For DISH or DIRECTV, they get a happier customer more likely to stick around longer.

How to get Free Movies with DISH or DIRECTV

With this bonus, it's a relatively simple process. For both providers, you have to explicitly opt-in to the movie offer. So, if you're ordering online, that means checking a box specifically requesting it (there'll also be a disclaimer explaining that if you don't cancel before the 3 months are up, you'll be charged their regular rates of $10-$15/mo, depending on the network. If you're ordering by phone, your customer service rep will give you all the details as well, then ask you to confirm whether you want in. Bottom line, this is fun bonus, especially for movie buffs, just make sure to set a calendar reminder for a couple weeks before the 3 months are up to make a decision on whether you want to keep all, part or none of the movie networks going forward.

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