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Get Satellite TV for your RV, Camper or any Mobile Vehicle

If you're on the road a lot, you may think you don't have a lot of options when it comes to getting satellite TV. Fact is, both DIRECTV and DISH have made major strides when it comes to accessing their service from just about anywhere in the contintental U.S.. From geolocator apps to multi-provider dishes, you won't miss a thing compared to your home-based setup (you can usually use the receiver in your home on the road as well). Read on for the top equipment and features available.

DIRECTV Antennas - the Slimline broadasts in HD

Depending on your needs (location, range, programming, etc.), there are a variety of different DIRECTV-compatible antennas available. For example, the one pictured to the left is the Slimline TRAV'LER, one of the more popular models around (MSRP of about $1,400). Programming and coverage includes up to 5 different satellites at the same time. It's one of the first mobile dishes that let you watch nearly every DIRECTV HD channel available (over 100). Previously, it was basically SD or bust. This antenna is designed for roof mounting and stationary use only (i.e., if you're driving, reception will be non-existent). It can support up to four different receivers and, if needed, upgraded for more. At under 60 pounds and less than 10 inches tall, it doesn't take up much space as is extremely easy to install with the help of a bracket and/or tripod.

Price range: You can find DIRECTV antennas priced from $125 all the way up to $1,450, depending on your needs.

DISH Mobile Antennas - the TRAV'LER 1000 is an automatic tuner

With about 10 different mobile antennas compatible with DISH, the TRAV;LER 1000 (pictured left) is one the most technologically advanced options on the market. In this context, "automatic" refers to its ability to automatically tune up to 3 different satellites, with no intervention on your part. Simply turn it on and it does the rest (for RVers who've had to manually tune their dish, they'll tell you just how convenient that is!). When all 3 satellites are in play (at locations 110º, 119º and 129º), you'll get the full range of DISH 500 and DISH 1000 programming.

Price range: DISH antennas run from $60 to $1,400, with new models coming out about every year or so.

Note: DISH recently launched a new mobile antenna product line, the Pathway X1 & X2.

How good is the reception?

Better than you think and in most cases, there's absolutely no difference compared to the picture you get at home. As with your residential dish, your mobile antenna will need a clear line of sight to the satellite(s) you're trying to connect to; otherwise, your programming options and/or reception may be compromised. When it comes to weather, rain and wind can affect most mobile antennas, though it takes a major storm to make any sort of noticeable difference.

What sort of plans/contracts are available?

For the most part, three different scenarios apply to folks looking to get mobile satellite TV:
1) New customer for both residential AND RV use - if you currently don't have any type satellite TV service, you can save quite a bit by getting your home and mobile vehicle hooked up at the same time. The additional upsides are you can take one of your home receivers with you on the road (less equipment) and only have to worry about one bill.
2) New customer for RV use ONLY - if you live out of your mobile home, this is very similar to getting regular satellite TV service. All the promotions and free bonuses apply, so make sure you take full advantage of them.

If either of these two situations apply, check out the current offers or just learn more below:

3) Current customer adding RV use - if you already have satellite TV hooked up at home and just need to add it for your RV, there are plenty of affordable plans available. One of the best resources around is DISHForMyRV.com. Click here to visit them.
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