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How to watch Univision without cable in 2023

Univision streaming options
FuboTV is our recommended service for watching Univision. Best Provider
Free stream
Univision does have their own mobile app.
Univision app

Univision is THE go-to channel for Spanish programming but, surprisingly, you can only watch it without cable on a few different streaming services. Those three are DIRECTV Stream, fuboTV and YouTube TV. The only free way to watch Univision is during a trial period, currently available from 5 days (DIRECTV Stream) to 7 days (fuboTV). The dedicated app is one of the best ways to catch their live and on demand programming. Let's dig into all the details...

Note: For all sections below, a checkmark A checkmark below means that it's our favorite. denotes our recommendation for that particular plan or category.

Univision on fuboTV - our recommended service

FuboTV with Univision

fuboTV has more full-time Spanish channels than anyone so its no surprise it's our pick here. Univision is available on all their plans and the lowest-priced option is the Latino plan ($24.99/mo for $52 channels). It features a solid mix of 52 Spanish channels and unlike "Latino" plans with other providers, all those channels are in 100% Spanish. In addition to Univision and its sister channel Unimás, some of the other channels included: bein (x2), ESPN Deportes, Galavision, TUDN (x11), Discovery en Español, Canela (x3), Weather Channel en Español and much more.

If you need English channels, fubo's first English & Spanish plan with Univision is Pro ($74.99/mo for 158 channels). It has 106 more channels than the Latino plan and costs quite a bit more so make sure it's worth the extra cheddar.

Price /mo
Free Trial
1st month $8 off
7 days
1,000 hrs cloud DVR
7 days


  • Cheapest way to stream Univision
  • Best for sports fans
  • 1,000 hours of DVR storage
  • Watch on up to 10 Screens


  • Latino plan is Spanish-only
Live TV Streaming FuboTVFuboTV

Overall, fuboTV has always had a ton of sports (and soccer) coverage. A nice side effect for Univision fans is that a lot of those channels have plenty of non-sports coverage as well. Univision is one of 'em. When big soccer (futbol) matches and tournaments are live, Univision has great coverage. When not, you'll get all the news, drama and reality programming they're known for. And, especially, with the Latino package, you'll get a bunch of full-time Spanish channels, all for an excellent price. That's why we recommend fuboTV first to folks that ask about Univision (or similar) channels.

Univision on DIRECTV Stream

DIRECTV Stream with Univision

DIRECTV Stream is basically a more streamlined version of DIRECTV satellite. No receiver, installation or contract required. The downside is you lose a handful of channels but not Univision or any other Spanish-language programming. So, for folks looking to stream Univision, DIRECTV Stream is an excellent option.

Univision is found in all of DIRECTV Stream's plans, including their entry-level options, Entertainment (English) and Optimo Más (English + Spanish). Entertainment is their first English plan and offers 75 channels for $74.99/mo. Optimo Más (100 channels for $64.99/mo) is their only Spanish-language plan and it features a solid mix of 55 Spanish and 40 English channels. Other Spanish channels in Optimo Más you may like include Telemundo, Unimás, Universo, TUDN, TeleCentro, Holá TV, Peru Magico and much more.

Price /mo
Free Trial
Optimo Más
$30 off over first 3 months
5 days
$30 off over first 3 months
5 days


  • All your local channels
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage
  • Unlimited connections at home
  • 30+ Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) included
  • HBO, Showtime, STARZ free for 3 mths.


  • Extra taxes on top of base prices
Live TV Streaming  DIRECTV StreamDTV Stream

Overall, DIRECTV Stream is a great way to stream Univision for a lot of folks. Sure, it's more expensive than fuboTV's plans but you'll also get quite a bit more channels. If you're in the U.S., you'll also get access to Regional Sports Networks (RSNs), letting you watch your local teams games. That's a huge plus for most sports fans. Either way, their free trial makes it easy to give the lineup a try and see if it fits your needs.

Univision on YoutubeTV

Univision on YouTubeTV

Google's streaming TV service, YoutubeTV is a pretty comprehensive way to access live TV. Compared to others, it's a relatively new service so it doesn't quite have the same lineup as more seasoned providers like DIRECTV Stream. Price-wise, it's about somewhere in the middle of the pack: 85 channels for $64.99/mo, no contracts or extra fees involved.

Price /mo
Free Trial
YouTubeTV primary plan
7 days

How to watch Univision for free

While you need a TV subscription (cable, streaming or satellite) to access Unvision's full lineup, including its live feed, there is a way to watch some programs for free. Univision has two main apps: Univision (main app) and Univision Now. The main app requires you enter your TV provider's login (fuboTV, cable, etc). Univision Now, however, is for folks who don't already have access. It has ALL the programming from both Univision and Unimás. While full access costs $10.99/mo, there are quite a few programs, episodes and highlights you can watch for free. If you don't need everything Univision has to offer, it may give you enough of a taste. Get Univision Now for iOS or Android.

Popular shows on Univision

Univision's Fútbol Central
Fútbol Central

It's one of the more popular Spanish-language channels for good reason. They feature a rich mix of telenovelas, drams, reality, comedy, sports and news. Their most popular shows currently include: Cabo, Amor Invencible, Perdona Nuestros Pecados, Liga MX, Mujer, Fútbol Central, Cine Especial and Aquí y Ahora, etc. It's also the home for some of the best Copa América and World Cup coverage (both every 4 years).

Some of their more classic, discontinued shows include: Sabado Gigante, El Chapo, Crónicas, Don Francisco Presenta, Control, Caliente, etc.

Streaming services with and without Univision

With Univision being a local channel and so popular, you'd think it'd be available on just about all the streaming providers. Unfortunately, that's not the case. It's currently only found on DIRECTV Stream, fubo, YoutubeTV and Peacock. Peacock is the cheapest way to get it ($4.99/mo) - since Univision and NBCUniversal (Peacock's owner) have a long history together, it's a natural fit. Of note, Univision is not available on Hulu Live TV or Sling. We don't see that changing anytime soon.

Univision streaming options
Stream Hulu LiveHulu Live
Streaming  DIRECTV StreamDTV Stream
Streaming FuboTVFuboTV
Streaming Sling TVSling TV
Streaming Youtube TVYoutube TV
Streaming PhiloPhilo
Streaming Peacock TVPeacock TV
Streaming Paramount+Paramount+

Devices that work with Univision

When it comes to how you watch it, if you're connected to the internet and have a smartphone or streaming device, you have plenty of more options. For the most part, Univision is available on every standalone device or operating system out there (Roku, Apple TV, etc). The Roku, iOS and Android apps are probably the most user-friendly ways to access Univision.

Stream it on:
Roku TV
Apple TV
Fire TV
Xbox TV
Nvidia TV
Web browser

Univision has their own dedicated app

With regard to mobile apps, not surprisingly, Univision has one and it's quite good. It's available on both iOS and Android. The iOS version has a 4.5/5 rating from nearly 16k reviews. That's above average across other apps in its class. We've used the iOS version on an iPhone and iPad and, in general, have been pretty impressed with its layout, speed and stability.

The Android version is good as well, just not quite as user-friendly overall. A cumulative rating score of 3.9/5 from 22k reviews seems to back that up. It's still much better than the web version but with some phone types, just not as stable while performing certain tasks.

With both app versions, the single best feature is easy access to On Demand. You can search shows, actors or episodes and, if your search match isn't playing live, the app gives you a seamless way to watch it right then and there... no waiting or recording.

Similar channels to Univision

Streaming Univision

Originally launched in the early 1960s, it was the first 24/7 Spanish-language channel in the states. The channel was re-branded under Univision in 1986. Since then, Univision has spun off other Spanish channels and there have been a fair share of competitors as well. Here's a quick list of some of those similar channels:

  • UniMás - originally known as TeleFutura and owned by TelevisaUnivision, it's a sister channel to Univision and mostly broadcasts programs that previously aired there. Most TV providers bundle UniMás and Univision under the same plans.
  • Galavisión - also owned by TelevisaUnivision, Galavisión features full-length films and original TV series, of course, all in Spanish (either direct or dubbed).
  • TUDN - launched as "Univision Deportes Network", it's another channel under the Univision umbrella. They primarily feature team and soccer tournaments throughout the Americas (Liga MX, Copa América, Gold Cup, etc). The World Cup is exclusive to Univision, however.
  • Telemundo - one of Univision's biggest competitors, it carries much of the same programming. It's not quite as popular as Univision but has definitely found a loyal following, especially now that it's under the Comcast brand.
  • Universo - Telemundo's younger brother, Universo is geared towards a more youthful demo. Not surprisingly, they broadcast a bunch of drama and reality programming.
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