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If you've outgrown Liberty 12 and 25 and need faster speeds along with a bigger data cap, definitely consider the Viasat Liberty 50 plan. It's their largest "Liberty" package and will run you $75/mo to start and $100/mo after the promo period ends (month 4 and beyond). So, compared to Liberty 25, you get twice the speed/cap for just 50% more in price.

Liberty 50
50 Mpbs
$75 /mo
Regular: $100
  • Download: 50 Mbps
  • Upload: Up to 3 Mbps
  • Data Allowance: 50 GB /mo
    • - free from 3am - 6am
    • - after 50 GB, you're slowed to 1-5 Mbps
  • Contract: 2 years
  • Up-front fees: $0
Plan Details

At download rates of 50 Mbps, this plan is plenty fast for just about any use. From a family of 5 of Netflix addicts and gamers to a smallish business, you'll never be held back by slow internet. About how much does 50GB in data get you? Well, streaming a show in HD for an hour uses about 1GB in data. Downloading a non-HD movie takes up about 1GB as well while an HD movie about 4GB. So, if your household collectively streams/downloads less than 2 hours a day, you should be good. Finally, keep in mind Viasat reserves the right to decrease your speed a bit from 5PM to 2AM. It's not all that common and depends on the concentration of Viasat users in your area. Overall, this is a solid plan that packs significantly more value than Liberty 25.

PERFECT FOR: a big family with heavy data usage

Other Viasat packages

Note that all Liberty plans feature "Liberty Pass" which lets you continue to surf at acceptable speeds (1-5 Mbps) even after you hit your monthly allowance. Similarly, "Unlimited" Viasat plans may throttle you when you hit your cap and internet usage is high in your area.

Price after 3 mths
Data Cap After cap, your speeds will likely be reduced to 1-3 Mbps
12 Mbps
12 Gb
25 Mbps
25 Gb
50 Mpbs
60 Gb
Unlimited Gold 50
50 Mpbs
100 Gb

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Liberty 50 the fastest plan available?

Under the "Liberty" line, yes. Viasat also has a separate line of packages called "Unlimited." They're slightly more expensive but also won't ever throttle your speeds after 5PM (like Liberty occasionally does).

How do the free data windows work with Liberty 50?

From 3am - 6am, data usage doesn't count against your 50GB monthly cap. So, if you have big files/movies to download and don't need them right away, schedule them within those hours (browser plugins or software can help you set that up).

If I don't need a plan this big, how do I downgrade to Liberty 25?

Switching plans can be done at any time without fee or penalty. It also won't lengthen or reset the time left on your 2 year contract. Just give Viasat customer service a ring to update your account.

Where to find this package

The Liberty 50 plan is always priced at the lowest rate possible at the official site:
Unlimited Bronze 12
  • ONLY $50/mo during intro offer, then $75/mo
  • Download speeds of up to 12 Mbps
  • Unlimited Data (may be throttled above 40 GB/mo)
  • Perfect plan for 1-2 people
  • STREAM up to 4 devices without issue
  • Note(s): this is Viasat's most popular plan 3 yrs running
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