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Xfinity Choice TV Plus Package

The Basics

The first and least expensive TV plan from Xfinity, Choice TV is a solid way to get your local TV channels and a very basic lineup of programming. Specifically, you get 10 core channels (and about 35 total) for $20/mo, totally contract-free. It has 115 less channels than the next plan, Popular TV, so obviously a big difference. Overall, Choice TV is a streamlined plan that gives you just the basics and, most importantly, is plenty easy on your wallet.

Choice TV
10+ channels
$20 /mo
No contract plan
Regular: $25
  • Over 10 live channels
  • Free Cloud DVR (20 hrs)
  • All your local channels
  • Access to X1 DVR
  • Autopay discount available
  • Can be bundled with internet
  • Music Choice channels
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First off, the Choice TV plan includes all your local channels. That's the biggest draw here. Some of those locals include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, PBS, Telemundo and Univision. That's the core group. You'll also get a second set of more niche local channels: ION, ION Mystery, Crossings TV, Ideal TV, MeTV, UniMás and more. Government and shopping channels are also included: C-SPAN, HSN, QVC, etc. All told, you're looking at about 35 channels (exact total and lineup depends on your area).

Fee-wise, the only major charge added to your bill is Xfinity's "Broadcast TV" fee. It's a general fee all Xfinity TV customers pay for access to local channels (which is most of this plan). Check out our TrueCost section below for the full details.

PERFECT FOR: folks looking for local/public news and light entertainment programming.


See below for a complete listing of all the channels available:

Choice TV+ Channel Lineup

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Questions? Call 1-888-403-9520Compare to other plans
Channel Number HD Base Channels
Movie Channels
Sports Channels
Local Channels
Spanish Channels
Music Channels
Antenna TV3821170
C-SPAN 1961128
C-SPAN 2971129
Crossings TV398
Educational Programming18
Estrella TV376
Family Movie Classics1088
Government Access17
Ideal TV1118
ION Mystery3921175
Jewelry TV1161052
Music Choice [+]800.m
Music Choice: '70s429
Music Choice: '80s428
Music Choice: '90s427
Music Choice: Adult Alternative416
Music Choice: Alternative415
Music Choice: Blues446
Music Choice: Classic Country434
Music Choice: Classic Rock418
Music Choice: Classical Masterpieces449
Music Choice: Contemporary Christian435
Music Choice: Country Hits433
Music Choice: Dance403
Music Choice: Easy Listening448
Music Choice: Gospel411
Music Choice: Hip-Hop And R&B405
Music Choice: Hip-Hop Classics407
Music Choice: Hit List401
Music Choice: Indie404
Music Choice: Jazz445
Music Choice: Kids Only!424
Music Choice: Light Classical450
Music Choice: Love Songs420
Music Choice: Max402
Music Choice: Metal414
Music Choice: Mexicana438
Music Choice: Musica Urbana437
Music Choice: Party Favorites422
Music Choice: Pop & Country431
Music Choice: Pop Hits421
Music Choice: Pop Latino436
Music Choice: R&B Classics409
Music Choice: R&B Soul410
Music Choice: Rap406
Music Choice: Reggae412
Music Choice: Rock413
Music Choice: Rock Hits417
Music Choice: Romances440
Music Choice: Singers & Swing447
Music Choice: Smooth Jazz444
Music Choice: Soft Rock419
Music Choice: Solid Gold Oldies430
Music Choice: Sounds of the Seasons441
Music Choice: Soundscapes443
Music Choice: Stage & Screen442
Music Choice: Teen Beats423
Music Choice: Throwback Jamz408
Music Choice: Today's Country432
Music Choice: Toddler Tunes425
Music Choice: Tropicales439
Music Choice: Y2K426
PBS Kids387
QVC 2797
QVC 3821
Shop LC100
SonLife Broadcasting103
Last updated: 4/12/24
Channel numbers are based on Xfinity's California feed (they'll be different in other areas)

Where to find this package:

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  • Over 10 live TV channels
  • X1 DVR (latest receiver) included free
  • All local channels included
  • Qualifies you for bundling deals with internet/phone
  • Note: This is XFINITY's best offer since Nov 2020
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TrueCost: Choice TV+ Plan

Your Xfinity bill is increased by two fees: Broadcast TV and a residential government fee. The Broadcast Fee gives you access to local channels and is a requirement for all Xfinity TV subscribers. It currently costs $30.5/mo. The government fee is usually a few bucks a month and depends on your exact location.

As far as discounts go, you can save $10/mo if you sign up for Autopay and paperless billing. Especially for this plan, that's a very easy way to slash your bill by 20%. Here's the full cost breakdown:

Up front
Choice TV+
almost always free
auto-pay discount
Residential Taxes
government fees (varies)
Broadcast TV Fee
local channels
X1 DVR (1 TV)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just use an antenna instead of paying for Choice TV?

Sure can and if you have access to a bunch of local over-the-air channels, definitely try that first. Your only cost is an HD antenna. Test it in different spots in your home and find out how many channels resolve (reliably). If it's not enough, you can always fallback to paying for Choice TV.

Does Choice TV+ go by a different name?

Yes - it's also sometimes called the Basic plan (depending on your location). You'll get the exact same lineup and channels, regardless of name.

What if I don't need or want the X1 DVR?

Since this is cable, you need a receiver of some kind to convert the coax signal to standard or high definition. While you may be able to get an older Xfinity receiver, the X1 has so much upside for most folks, it's the one we recommend most.

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