DISH Satellite TV

Founded: 1996
Corporate Sites:, (previous)
# Subscribers: >14 million
Key partner(s): Blockbuster, LLC (acquired 2011)
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DISH is currently the second largest satellite TV provider in the continental U.S. (second to DIRECTV). They established themselves in the industry and are currently the fastest growing sat TV provider thanks to their rock-bottom prices and competitive programming packages.

DISH Channel Lineup
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DISH understands customer service. Since their inception, they've put a premium on customer care and retention. Their call center is nearly always available and billing/payments are particularly easy to manage (phone, online or direct payment). Over the past couple years, they've also expanded their services to include online streaming and free access to thousands of movies and recorded TV programs (giving NETFLIX a run for their money). In summary, the overall satisfaction rate among DISH customers has always been exceedingly high and for good reason. Top to bottom, it's an efficiently-managed and well-run organization.


  • Lowest-priced satellite TV package ($19.99/mo)
  • Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction (J.D. Power & Associates)
  • Customizable Program Guide (up to 5 different lists)
  • Free Blockbuster MoviePass (usually for 12 months)


  • Lack of exclusive sports channels (NFL Sunday Ticket, NASCAR HOTPASS, NCAA Mega March Madness, etc)
  • No Remote DVR Scheduler via smart phone
  • Less full-time channels (basic, sports & movies) in HD and 1080p HD
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