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Name: Dylan
Location: Kansas
The ONLY reason you should ever have Directv is if you want the NFL Sunday Ticket. That's it. That is the only thing advantage that Directv has over Dish. I was a long time (5 years) customer of Directv. In September 2016 I had a new roof put on my house and needed a simple realignment of the dish after the work was completed. Directv told me when I called on September 21st that they couldn't have a tech there until October 11th!!! Are you kidding me? Three frickin weeks to get a tech out
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Posted on: Tuesday - Oct 4, 2016
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Name: maxwell
Location: nebraska
I test drove the hopper receivers at a buddys house and was sold. Switched to dish a couple months later and I'm VERY satisfied. My wife's favorite feature? Being able to skip commercials w/ autohop.
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Posted on: Saturday - Sep 1, 2012
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Name: Cales
Location: whittier, CA
I ordered dish network to save money after we moved. None of us watch alot of tv so we got the cheapest plan I could find dish family. so far it's working for us I just wish there were more spanish channels. We may have to buy an addon pack soon.
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Posted on: Friday - Aug 24, 2012
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Name: JT
Location: peoria
My dish has gone down THREE times since Jan all b/c of bad weather....either rain or wind. Is it that hard to get a stable clamp on the roof!! Clap
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Posted on: Sunday - Jun 10, 2012
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Name: Katrina Palmer
We moved into our new house two months ago and had to decide b/n dish and directv and for us -- being on a budget and not watching too much tv anyhow -- it all came down to price.

When we called, our DISH rep was VERY helpful and offered us the DISH family deal. Very happy so far (fingers crossed Smiley
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Posted on: Monday - Jun 4, 2012
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Name: Jalens
Everything has been solid since I got Dish, don't ever hike up those movie prices, I don't want to have to return to netflix!
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Posted on: Saturday - May 26, 2012
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Name: Ben Otzen
Location: san leandro
Plain and simple....I'm saving $55 a month with Dish. They rocked it!! Super
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Posted on: Thursday - May 24, 2012
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Name: AJ Gonzales
I've had Dish at my house and on my mobile since '09. Easy company to work with and I can't remember more than a couple times when the service went out.
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Posted on: Tuesday - May 22, 2012
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