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Since 2004, we've been the trusted, independent source for reviewing the top satellite TV promotions available. We know comparison shopping between DIRECTV and DISH can get confusing at times, especially with all the advertising out there. Our mission is to provide you with the unbiased information you need to make a smart consumer decision. With our long-standing partnerships among top retailers, we're also able to bring you exclusive discounts on leading channel, entertainment and movie packages. We're constantly updating our reviews and rankings, so check back often. As of today, below are our verified and top-ranked satellite TV deals. Enjoy the benefits of satellite TV and, while they last, take full advantage of the offers that best match your needs.

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The Best Price Package
Expires: soon!
  • ONLY $79.99/mo (Top 120 plan) guaranteed for 36 mths!
  • FREE Showtime, STARZ and DISH Movie Pack for 3 Months
  • FREE Smart HD DVR (Hopper 3 or Duo)*
  • FREE HD for Life! (w/ agreement, autopay & paperless billing)
  • BONUS: Free Voice Remote with Google Assistant
  • Notes: Act now & lock in this low price thru 2026.
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Rating: 5 stars
Open now? Yes.
*$7 DVR service fee applies
DIRECTV's Best Deal Ever
Expires: soon!
  • LOCK IN their best rate of $64.99/mo for 24 months
  • FREE Genie Whole-Home DVR System ($398 value)1
  • FREE NFL SUNDAY TICKET! (new customers, CHOICE™ & up)
  • FREE HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ® and Cinemax® for 3 Months
  • Notes: This is DIRECTV's best promo since May 2005.
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Open now? Yes.
Business SELECT
DIRECTV for Businesses
Expires: soon!
  • Perfect for Offices, Lobbies, Gyms and Shops
  • Only $84.99/mo for 24 months
  • FREE HD Receivers, for up to 4 TVs
  • FREE HD Access for 3 full months
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DIRECTV for Businesses

Open now? Yes.

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Advantages: lowest prices, new HOPPER DVR system
Disadvantages: less mobile integration, lack of NFL coverage

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Advantages: top-of-the-line technology, exclusive sports
Disadvantages: lack of specialty channels

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The (long-term) Buzz...
  • July, 2023: It's all about the 2023 Women's World Cup! Split up between Australia and New Zealand, check out the majesty and give-n-go passes for a full 30 days.
  • Jan, 2022: We'll soon be expanding our coverage of TV providers into streaming and OTT (for starters, we'll be profiling some of the bigger channels first, such as ABC, CNN, TNT, Fox, TBS, etc. Stay tuned for more!
  • May, 2021: AT&T recently sold off a minority stake in DIRECTV to a private investment firm and will likely continue to divest. They'll continue to prioritize their AT&T Now streaming service. DIRECTV was never a great fit for AT&T so this is probably all for the best for all parties involved. Expect DIRECTV to undergo a resurgence in its brand and entertainment value in the near future.
  • June, 2020: As rumors swirl that AT&T may be looking to unload DIRECTV, DISH is looking to expand into the wireless industry. Its slowly amassed a ton of valuable wireless spectra over the years and may be looking to become a major wireless carrier quite soon (a deal with Sprint to purchase Boost Mobile is possibly in the works).
  • Aug, 2019: Almost three years after the initial launch of DIRECTV Now, AT&T has revamped and rebranded the streaming service into AT&T TV Now. It has roughly half the channels of a traditional satellite TV plan, all with no contracts. If you want just the basics and not a ton of sports, it's another welcomed option for the ever-connected.
  • June, 2018: Here comes 5G...at the US Open - 5G, with its millimiter wave network, will be given a thorough real-world test by the folks at Fox Sports at the 2018 rendition of the US Open (Shinnecock Hills). Over the last couple years, Fox Sports has provided DIRECTV with original and exclusive 4K sports action and the 5G wireless tie-in would make it MUCH easier to capture and broadcast live action. It could be the key to unlocking 4K's true potential.
  • Nov, 2016: DIRECTV Now, their streaming TV service, launches - On the tails of DISH's over-the-top Sling TV service, DIRECTV Now looks to combine the convenience of the newer custom TV plans with the mobility and freedom of unthrottled streaming, 24/7. As it doesn't include the NFL Sunday Ticket or a DVR, the service is geared more towards folks on the road a lot or those who'd rather have a slightly more flexible programming contract.
  • Aug, 2016: DISH's packages go custom - In a much-heralded move, DISH just launched their most flexible plan yet, the Flex Pack. Ranging from 55 to 115 channels, it lets you pick and choose from 8 different themed, channel packs and basically build your dream plan from scratch. Depending on your final packs, costs can range anywhere from $29 to $99 per month. Kudos to DISH on the new option. Customizability and on demand (ie, channels when and if you want 'em) are big trends in the OTT/Netflix world and certainly appreciated by satellite TV customers as well.
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Where to Catch 4K Sports Action on Satellite TV: If you're a weekender high def sports junkie or just want to follow your local team in crystal clear 4k (aka ultra HD), the good news is DISH and DIRECTV are off to a solid start in the 4K TV department...
New to the Genie: Entertainment Extras App: All too often, media and programming companies sit on their laurels after the successful launch of a new device or service. In DIRECTV's case, the stellar roll-out of the Genie a few years back only served to further motivate their...
DIRECTV's Audience Network to be added to U-verse Lineup: Another nice benefit of AT&T's recent acquisition of DIRECTV, it was just announced that the popular Audience Network will be added to U-verse's channel lineup. Slotted for U-verse channel #1114, it'll give folks access to plenty of new, original content. ...
Can You Get DIRECTV with Bad Credit?: Part of the process of getting DIRECTV involves a necessary evil, a quick credit check (it's a "soft pull" and takes about 30 seconds). Yeah, it's annoying but it's an...
If you rent, don't forget your satellite TV landlord permission form: Before your scheduled installation, make sure you avoid any snags by having your landlord permission form ready to go. Fact is, if you're renting an apartment or house, neither DIRECTV...

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» Flex TV: get DISH without a credit check or long-term contract.
» If you're looking to add internet to your TV service, compare all the latest bundles here.
» Living in the country or miles from a big city has its advantages, but internet service isn't necessarily one of them. Find out if satellite internet might be just what you need to stay connected.

Why Choose Satellite TV?

DISH Network and DIRECTV have been at the cutting edge of digital programming for years. We're often surprised at how many folks think cable is the only game in town. Fact is, satellite TV is available to over 99% of homes for about a third of the price of cable. And with both satellite TV providers heavily competing for your attention, there's never been a better time to sign up. Have a look around the site for the best service, programming and deals available. Hopefully, we'll help you find the perfect system at just the right price.

Easy setup and installation - one of the reasons satellite TV has grown so rapidly (especially compared to cable) is that, by nature, it's an extremely easy-to-use technology. You don't need someone to run cable from down the street or wire half your home. It's a straight shot from the roof to your receiver - quick and painless. As a result, most installations can usually be scheduled as early as the next day (be sure to check with your retailer).

Innovation - necessity is the mother of invention and when two rivals (DISH and DIRECTV) constantly battle to one-up each other, their customers get new, faster and more advanced technology...usually at the same or lower price. With cable, most companies have near-monopolies in their cities/counties so they have very little motivation to invest in R&D. That's not to say a few cable companies won't attempt to the push the envelope in the coming years, we just haven't seen proof of that materializing anytime soon.

Channel exclusivity - when you have big-time media and distribution partners (as do DISH and DIRECTV), you typically get first dibs on new and exclusive channels. Take the NFL SUNDAY TICKET -- it's only available through DIRECTV and it draws thousands of new customers to their service, particularly with their latest specials that offer it free to new customers. Exclusivity is never cheap for providers, but if it means winning your business, they're more than willing to invest in the competitive advantage.


"After moving to the west coast (Oregon), we weren't sure how best to approach TV programming. My preference was going with DIRECT TV but was MOST interested in saving as much as possible. After just a few minutes on your site (and contacting you guys), my decision was made and I saved over 50%....can't thank you enough!!"
 -Jared Perzle - Portland, OR

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