DIRECTV to launch Ya Veo, a Netflix-like OTT Service

Update (Dec 2015): DIRECTV will be closing the doors on Ya Veo permanently. It was an interesting and worthwhile attempt but perhaps a couple years too early. The latest buzz out of El Segundo, CA (DIRECTV’s HQ) is they’re ready to launch a new, Netflix-like service by year’s end. Coined “Ya Veo” (I can see), … Read more

Sportsnet LA on Time Warner still only available to 30% of Dodger fans

When a new ownership team with incredibly deep pockets takes over your team (and breaks the bank with a ton of free agent acquisitions), you gotta be thinking things are headed in the right direction. Well, back in 2012, that’s exactly what Dodger fans were enthused about. Gone was the stingy McCourt regime; the new … Read more

Could DISH Network be Dropping ESPN (the ABC Network)?

Don’t look now, but we may be headed towards another programming squabble. This time, it’s between DISH and Walt Disney’s ABC/ESPN. Their current contract is up on September 30th and rumors have it that they’re nowhere close on a broadcasting fee agreement. Not surprisingly, the 800 pound gorilla is ESPN. Per channel, it’s the single … Read more

PAC-12 Fans on DIRECTV still being shutout

It’s tough enough cheering for your favorite teams these days, but imagine not being able to see them in action or get the inside scoop (well, that actually might be a good thing for some :)). That’s the sad reality if you follow any of the teams to the left and have DIRECTV. Not surprisingly, … Read more

TWC and DIRECTV customers can now catch the Lakers online

Starting this month, Time Warner Cable (TWC) and DIRECTV customers can now watch EVERY Laker game on the go…via their iPad, iPhone, Android or any other smartphone with internet access. If you’re a subscriber, simply head over to TWC’s sports site, enter your subscription details and you’re good to go. They also co-launched apps on … Read more

Can You Get DIRECTV with Bad Credit?

Part of the process of getting DIRECTV Satellite involves a necessary evil, a quick credit check (it’s a “soft pull” and takes about 30 seconds). Yeah, it’s annoying but it’s an important step for DIRECTV since they provide customers with a bunch of free equipment and dishes (not to mention the free installation). If you … Read more

Where to find the NBC Sports Network channel

If you recently stumbled upon the NBC Sports Network, you might be wondering how and when it popped into your programming lineup. Launched in 2011, it’s a relative newcomer to the sports world. Originally the Outdoor Life Network, it evolved into Versus and slowly transitioned into more mainstream sports until NBC Universal (and Comcast) decided … Read more

Take Advantage of DISH’s Deals for New Customers

Competition always favors the consumer and that’s certainly the case when it comes to the price wars currently being waged by DISH and DIRECTV. DISH is constantly trying to improve their service to maintain their subscriber base, but there’s nothing more valuable to them than signing up new customers. As a result, DISH has radically … Read more

If you rent, don’t forget your satellite TV landlord permission form

Before your scheduled installation, make sure you avoid any snags by having your landlord permission form ready to go. Fact is, if you’re renting an apartment or house, neither DIRECTV nor DISH will install a dish without written permission. Back in the day, they used to, but it opened them up to liability and problems … Read more