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DISH's Healthcare Worker Deal

Last updated: 12/5/2023
DISH's Healthcare Worker Offer

You get: Heartland Pack, Monthly PPV & DISH Anywhere
Available to: all DISH customers (who are healthcare workers)
Expires: soon
ValueScore: 96/100

It's always been a challenging job, but especially when Covid hit, healthcare professionals got it the worst. Never easy putting your life at risk to help others in desparate need, especially during a mystery pandemic. Toss in long hours and lack of help and it's been a rough few years.

Everyone unwinds in different ways and for those doctors, nurses and general health workers that like to catch up on their favorite show to relax, DISH has "thank you" specials in place to make things just a little bit easier. You get three different bonuses, valued at $300+ (over the life of your contract). Specifically, the offer includes the Heartland add-on pack (14 chs, typically $6/mo), 1 free PPV/mo and a free upgrade to DISH Anywhere (stream your DVR library from anywhere).

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Heartland Pack included free

This is one of the more valuable bonuses in this set. Heartland is a 14-channel add-on pack that includes a bunch of middle America programming. It normally goes for $6/mo. Over the course of a 2-year contract, that's a value in the hundreds of dollars. Here are the channels included:

Hallmark, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark Drama, OWN, UPtv, PixL, Game Show Network, Discovery Family, BabyTV, RFD-TV, Cowboy Channel, Cowgirl Channel and the Game Show Network.

Free pay-per-view rental every month

DISH's On Demand library is quite extensive (>20,000 new movies and >80,000 total titles). This offer gives you access to 1 free rental every month, for the life of your time as a subscriber. A PPV rental can cost more than $8/mo so if you watch a movie most months, that's a credit of well over $150.

Free DISH Anywhere upgrade

DISH Anywhere is a Hopper function that lets you connect to your DISH programming while away from home. It requires two things: an internet connection and the DISH Anywhere app. Once setup, you'll have access to your DVR library, programming plan and DISH's On Demand Library.

Wrapping up

Tending to the sick is a thankless job, especially during a pandemic. Long shifts and daily life-threatening decisions. It's an emotional and physical toll -- thank you for your sacrifice.

As a "thank you", DISH is offering all healthcare workers a bit a break from the daily grind. If you qualify, be sure to redeem this deal and get it added to your account (new and current subscribers alike).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to qualify for the healthcare offer?

All you need is a valid ID from your place of work. All healthcare workers, at all levels, qualify.

Does the DISH account holder need to be the healthcare worker?

Yes, although in some cases, you can switch the account holder to another member of your family. Contact DISH support for more details.

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