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AT&T DSL Internet

Ol' faithful
AT&T offers DSL internet
AT&T DSL Internet
Speeds up to
Upload: 20 Mbps
Contract: none
Cap: 1.5 TB
Price: $55
AT&T DSL Review
AT&T DSL Internet

AT&T started as a copper home phone provider when cellphones where still a pipe dream. When the internet started to become a thing, AT&T (then known as SBC) figured out that same copper wire could deliver internet data. At the time, it was a huge breakthrough in tech. Nowadays, DSL internet is relatively slow, unreliable and a pain to maintain (for AT&T). Yet, it still works and can be a good fit for households that don't have a ton of options.

AT&T offer a bunch of DSL plans, ranging from 1 to 100 Mbps. Speeds really aren't guaranteed, they're more rough guides as your actual speed depends on the distance from your closest AT&T hub (closer the faster). So, if AT&T adds or scrubs a neighborhood hub, that'll impact your bandwidth.

With regard to price, it used to vary based on speed but a few years back, AT&T set a standard price of $55/mo for any DSL plan (all contract-free). So, whether you get 5 Mbps or closer to 100 Mbps, you pay the same. The actual speed you do get goes a long way in determining whether AT&T DSL is a good value.

When it comes to equipment, AT&T's WiFi Gateway (modem and router combo) is no technological marvel, but usually works without issue. There's also no extra charge for the equipment so that's a plus (most other providers charge at least $5/mo). Finally, AT&T internet plans have a relatively large data cap of 1.5 TB. Most households will never come close so it shouldn't be a big factor in your decision.

PERFECT FOR: households that don't have access to AT&T fiber or don't need faster speeds.

AT&T DSL Pricing

The same, regardless of speed

Since there are numerous potential plans here, we'll highlight some of the more popular. The Internet 100 plan (100 Mbps) is the largest so that's where this list tops out. Remember, no matter the plan or speed, you pay $55/mo. That's the rate for the first year. In the second year and beyond, prices go up to $65/mo. Still a reasonable level if your speeds are at least 10 Mbps.

Cost (Yr 1)
Cost (Yr 2+)
Internet 10
10 Mbps
$55 /mo
$65 /mo
Internet 25
25 Mbps
$55 /mo
$65 /mo
Internet 50
50 Mbps
$55 /mo
$65 /mo
Internet 100
100 Mbps
$55 /mo
$65 /mo

All prices assume you have auto-pay and paperless billing setup. Doing so saves you $5/mo and we always recommend you set that up within a couple weeks of activating your account (there's usually a delay of a billing month or two until it kicks in).

AT&T DSL features

All subscribers to AT&T DSL qualify for the following account features. Overall, you'll find more perks with other providers but the free equipment is a nice touch. They're all added to your account automatically so while you probably want to confirm they're setup there's no need to ask for them specifically.

Free AT&T DSL WiFi Gateway
Free WiFi Gateway (modem + router)

Regardless of your DSL plan, you'll get a free AT&T WiFi Gateway. Most other providers charge $5 - $15/mo to lease their equipment so this is a nice feature that adds up over time.

McAfee Security Suite included
McAfee Security Suite included

Most routers provide built-in security by default but it's always good to add another level of security. McAfee Security Suite is solid software and unless you already have an anti-virus program, it's definitely worth using.

Current AT&T DSL Deals (Online)

In many cases, you can save the most and secure the biggest discounts by ordering online. If you'd rather speak with someone, be sure to bring up the deal by name and confirm it's applied to your order before you wrap everything up. Here's a list of the best AT&T DSL deals available right now:

  • Access from AT&T - Low-income program for customers that qualify via the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), SNAP, SSI or similar. Get free plans or save $30/mo.
  • Wireless bundle discount - Save $20/mo off your DSL bill by adding an unlimited wireless phone plan. Your internet service and wireless billing addresses much match.
  • $10 off for 12 months - New customers save $10/mo during the first year. This offer is automatically applied to all orders, no need to do anything.-
  • Auto-pay discount - When you sign-up for auto-pay, AT&T will lower your DSL bill by $5/mo. Automatically added to your account 1-2 months after you add a bank account or card.
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AT&T DSL availability

AT&T DSL service is available in 21 states. California (72.4%) and Nevada (18.8%) in the West and most of the southeastern U.S. Because DSL is part of their original copper network, AT&T DSL is available in nearly 100% of areas where AT&T has a presence. Of course, your exact location within each state determines if (and which) services you can get. Enter your zip code below to find out.

Check if AT&T services your area
State (% covered)
Alabama (67.2%)
Arkansas (56.8%)
California (72.4%)
Florida (53.9%)
Georgia (76.5%)
Illinois (77.4%)
Indiana (53.7%)
Kansas (74.8%)
Kentucky (47.7%)
Louisiana (80.8%)
Michigan (73.8%)
Mississippi (63.1%)
Missouri (63.1%)
Nevada (18.8%)
North Carolina (47.5%)
Ohio (51.2%)
Oklahoma (67.5%)
South Carolina (55.8%)
Tennessee (71.8%)
Texas (70.4%)
Wisconsin (57.3%)

AT&T DSL Fees and Hidden Charges

Discounts and credits are great but they don't mean as much if a ton of fees or, worse, hidden charges, show up on your first bill. Internet tends to have less fees than TV and combined with the fact that AT&T has less added fees than competitors, there thankfully won't be a lot here.

Up-front fee(s)


Installation fee

Most of the time, all your AT&T home phone/DSL wiring should already be in place. If that's the case, all you need is WiFi Gateway. Plug everything in and optionally configure your WiFi. That's the self-install route and it'll save you the installation fee. Otherwise, if you need a technician to swing by, you'll usually be charged a one-time fee or $99. If there's an issue that's not your fault (faulty AT&T wiring/equipment, etc), they'll often waive the fee.

Data Overage fee

As mentioned, the data cap for all AT&T DSL plans is 1.5 TB. While that's more than enough for most households, if you accidentally leave Netflix on auto-play for days, it costs $10 for an additional 50 GB of data. Once your billing month ends, the data cap resets.

Sample AT&T DSL Bill (1st year)

Combining everything, here's roughly what you can expect when your first bill arrives. It assumes you're leasing their equipment and have enrolled in autopay.

Any AT&T DSL plan
Installation fee
waived if self-install
  • 1st-year discount
  • auto-pay discount
  • ($10)
  • ($5)
Residential Taxes
state fees (approx.)
WiFi Gateway

In the second year and beyond, you lose that $10/mo discount so your total bill will increase by $10 a month.

Does AT&T DSL internet have a Data Cap?

AT&T 1.5 TB data cap

With any DSL plan, the data cap each month is 1.5 TB. Relatively-speaking, that's a generous amount and most households will never come close. Other internet providers with data caps like Xfinity have a 1.2 TB, so 0.25% more data is quite a good chunk extra.

What can you do with 1.5 TB? Good question. The table below lists about how many times you can perform certain activities every month (email someone, streaming HD video, etc.). Adding ALL those activities together approximately adds up to 1.5 TB...

Send /receive Email
45,000 times
Social media posts (with pic)
7,500 times
Stream music
12,000 hrs
General browsing
3,000 hrs
2,500 hrs
Streaming Video (HD)
600 hrs
1.5 TB

So, quite a large amount of data. Unless you binge-watch Netflix for weeks on end, you probably won't have to worry about exceeding the cap. If most of data usage does go towards video, here's how much of each video type you can watch per month:

  • Streaming SD Video - 2,100 hours (1.5 TB)
  • Streaming HD Video - 600 hours (1.5 TB)
  • Streaming HD 4K Video - 255 hours (1.5 TB)

If your account ever does exceed the cap, your download speed will usually be throttled until the next billing cycle. If you can't wait, you can purchase 50 GB chunks of data for $10 a pop.

How to get an AT&T DSL plan

As of today, the Spectrum 300 plan's best price and promotions are below. Calling tends to be the best way to make sure everything is setup correctly, right from the start...

Expires: soon
  • Fast AT&T DSL Internet for $55/mo
  • 100 Mbps download, 20 Mbps upload
  • $15/mo in credits for 12 months
  • Free AT&T WiFi Gateway modem + router
  • Advanced Security Suite included
  • Save $20/mo when you bundle with Wireless
Order Online
Order by Phone
Open now? Yes.
Immediate set-up available? Yes.
40% Off

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AT&T U-Verse internet the same as AT&T DSL?

Yes. A few years back and after the DIRECTV merger, AT&T ditched the U-Verse brand. The internet portion of AT&T U-Verse became "AT&T Internet". It includes both their DSL and Fiber services.

I thought AT&T was discontinuing DSL?

There are two types of AT&T DSL services: the old archaic DSL and the much faster VDSL and VDSL2. The older DSL that maxes out at around 5 Mbps is being sunsetted. The VDSL versions (which connect a fiber backbone to your home) will be sticking around for a long while. AT&T's big picture is to transition as many people as possible to Fiber but that process will take years/decades.

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