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Xfinity Connect Internet Package

The Starter
Xfinity Connect uses a cable (coax) internet connection
Xfinity Cable Internet
Speeds up to
Upload: 10 Mbps
Contract: 1 year
Cap: 1.2 TB
Price: $19.99
Plan Review
Xfinity Connect internet plan

Xfinity offers a handful of different internet plans (depending on your zip code). In most parts of the country, the Connect plan is the very first option. It features solid download speeds of 150 Mbps with 10 Mbps upload, all for a 1-year contract price of $19.99/mo. In year 2, when no longer under contract and can cancel anytime, you'll pay $34.99/mo. Year 3 and beyond goes up even more to $51/mo.

Equipment-wise, if you bring your own modem/router, your data usage every month is capped at 1.2 TB (which most people won't reach). Otherwise, if you use Xfinity's xFi Complete, you'll pay an additional $15/mo but get unlimited data. Overall, this isn't Xfinity's best value plan but works for shorter-term needs (after year 2, you're better off upgrading to the "Connect More" plan).

PERFECT FOR: households with up to 3 connected devices that need stable internet for 1-2 years

Things you can do with 150 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload

For a single a person on one device, you can pretty much do anything you can want. When you start adding devices (connected appliances and home services as well), things start to add up fast. Basically, the single most expensive thing is video, and quality matters big time. So, if you tried stack a handful of live HD streams, as with a security system, you'd be pushing the limits of 150 Mbps. However, if a couple people jump on Netflix at the same time and there's also a couple connected appliances/services online, you'll be fine.

Doing interactive stuff, like Zoom or online gaming, is all about upload. With 10 Mbps of upload speed in this plan, again, you can do just about anything on one device. Live streaming is possible but don't expect the best of quality, depending on the platform. The higher-resource platforms simply won't work, you'll have to upgrade plans.

Min. Download
General Browsing
1 Mbps
1-3 Mbps
1 Mbps
1-3 Mbps
attached files count
Work from home
15 Mbps
1-5 Mbps
Streaming Video (SD)
4 Mbps
almost 100% download
Streaming Video (HD)
8 Mbps
Streaming Video (HD 4K)
25 Mbps
VoIP HD video call (Zoom)
1.5 Mbps
1.5 Mbps
Gaming - Console w/ Int
3 Mbps
3 Mbps
varies with game
Gaming - PC Multiplayer
4 Mbps
4 Mbps
Live stream (broadcast)
25 Mbps
1-60 Mbps
varies by quality

How much does the Xfinity Connect plan cost?

The Connect plan's default, non-contract price is $61/mo. If you commit to a 12-month contract, their "Minimum Term Contract" discount kicks in and its 1st year price dramatically drops to $19.99. However, in year 2, after your contract ends, that discount isn't as big and you'll pay $34.99/mo. In year 3 and beyond, the standard rate sets in at $51/mo.

At that point, you're almost always better off going with at least the next plan higher, Connect More (no contract price of $30/mo for 300 Mbps).

Back to Connect, here are all the fees and credits in play:

Xfinity Connect fees

xFi modem/router Installation Kit Monthly Tax

The xFi modem/router fee is an optional charge and only applies if you rent their equipment. The related Installation Kit is a one-time fee and, again, only applies to cover the shipping of their equipment. If you use your own equipment both those fees go away. We highly recommend that route as you'll save over $180 a year and can configure your router exactly the way you want. Finally, the monthly tax is a few bucks a month and varies by state.

Xfinity Connect credits


If you setup autopay and paperless billing with a bank account, Xfinity will discount your bill by $10. If you set it up with a credit card instead that discount drops to $5

Cost Breakdown: Xfinity Connect Plan (1st year)

Putting everything together, here's a realistic look at what your bill will look like during the first year. It assumes you're using their equipment and have autopay setup.

Up front
Xfinity Connect
install kit
  • auto-pay discount
  • minimum term contract discount
  • ($10)
  • ($31.01)
Residential Taxes
gov. fees (approx.)
Modem /router
xFi Gateway

With your own equipment, that total monthly charge drops closer to $19.99/mo.

Any hidden fees?

Nope. It's all covered above. If you're late on a bill or go over a data cap, separate fees can apply there. Here's a quick list of those:

  • Data overage - with your own equipment, a data cap of 1.2 TB applies. The first time you go over will usually be comped by Xfinity. The second time triggers a $10 fee for each additional 50 GB of data.
  • Late payment fee - if you miss your payment date by more than 2 weeks, a $10 late fee applies
  • Cancellation fee - with a 1-year contract, if you leave early, you'll be billed $10/mo for every month left on your contract.

Xfinity Connect features

With any Xfinity internet account, you qualify for a bunch of equipment and exclusive features. They currently include...

Xfinity's Wi-Fi Hotspots
Xfinity Hotspots

With over 26 million customers nationwide, Xfinity lets you connect to ANY customers' Wi-Fi signal (look for "xfinityWi-Fi" in your network list). Especially helpful while on the road or when you need to stay under your data cap.

Xfinity's xFi modem/router
Xfinity XFi

Both of their modem/router models deliver a reliable signal and strong Wi-Fi coverage ($15/mo rental fee). The more advanced xFI Complete also includes unlimited data, freeing you from overage charges or having to check for current usage.

Does Xfinity Connect have a Data Cap?

Xfinity 1.2 TB data cap

If you don't rent the xFi Complete modem/router ($15/mo), there is a cap. You get a total of 1.2 TB of data every month. That's everything combined. Below is a sample of what you can use every month (all these activities COMBINED use about 1.2 TB)...

Send /receive Email
36,000 times
Social media posts (with pic)
6,000 times
Stream music
9,600 hrs
General browsing
2,400 hrs
2,000 hrs
Streaming Video (HD)
420 hrs
1.2 TB

Not too shabby. 1.2 TB is a big chunk of data. Most folks will never come close to the limit. If most of your data goes towards streaming video (Netflix junkies, raise those hands), here's how much watching video goes towards the full data cap.

  • Streaming SD Video - 1,700 hours (1.2 TB)
  • Streaming HD Video - 480 hours (1.2 TB)
  • Streaming HD 4K Video - 205 hours (1.2 TB)

So, if you ever get close the cap, lower the quality of your stream and you'll get a ton more watching time (8x more hours just by switching from 4K to SD).

The Connect Plan's best deal

As of today, the Connect plan's best price and promotions are below. Calling tends to be the best way to make sure everything is setup correctly, right from the start...

Connect Internet Deal
Expires: soon
  • Connect Internet package for as low as $19.99/mo
  • 150 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload
  • $41.01/mo in credits for 12 months
  • xFi Modem/Router available or bring your own
  • Access to millions of Xfinity WiFi Hotspots
  • Qualifies you for bundling deals with TV/phone
Learn More
Order by Phone
Open now? Yes.
Immediate set-up available? Yes.
60% Off

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the Connect plan without a contract?

You can but you'll lose out the first year "minimum term" discount of $31.01/mo. Without that contract, you're much better off looking at Xfinity's other internet plans, which are all contract-free. Connect is sort of the only exception to the Xfinity no-contract rule.

Is unlimited data an option with Connect?

The easiest way to get unlimited data with Connect and all of Xfinity's internet plans is to rent their xFi Complete router ($15/mo). Otherwise, you can use your own router and buy unlimited data directly for $30/mo (not a great option).

What if I want to switch to another plan?

Not an issue. Call up Xfinity and ask to be transferred. You'll pay a prorated amount for the rest of the month and all discounts and contracts will switch over.

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