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DISH's New Customer Deals

This Month's Picks

Everyone wants a great deal but with all the media and ads out there, it's hard to filter out the noise sometimes. On this page, we'll be ranking our current staff picks for the best DISH Network deals available to new customers. Only the top two make the grade and all active sign-up bonuses are factored in as well (they change often and are intentionally hard to find sometimes). Keep in mind these specials are only available to customers that are "new" to DISH (if it's been more than 2 years since you last had DISH, you re-qualify). Finally, the rankings below tend to change often and while we do our best to suggest which may be the better fit for a particular household's needs, as with everything, adjust accordingly. Enjoy...

May 2024
Our DISH Picks
America's Top 120 Plus (Spring Season) updated: 5/21/2024
America's Top 120 (Spring Season) updated: 5/23/2024
Overall Score: 95/100
Overall Score: 92/100
$99.99/mo price-locked for 2 yrs

Perfect for sports fans, the Top 120 Plus plan has a solid mix of general, niche and sports programming.

$84.99/mo price-locked for 2 yrs

DISH's lowest-priced plan, Top 120 is the non-sports version of Top 120+(plus). It has about 6 less channels which saves you $15 a month.

Sign-up Bonus
Military, First Responder & 55+ Specials

If you're active or retired military, a first responder or over 55, DISH is paying it forward by giving you plenty of free programming. Learn more »

Sign-up Bonus
Military, First Responder & 55+ Specials


Sign-up Bonus #2
Free Heartland Pack

Get this fun set of channels free for one year (14 channels, normally $6/mo).

Sign-up Bonus #2
Free Heartland Pack


Sign-up Bonus #3
Up to $300 Reward Card

If you're switching from DIRECTV, you qualify for a $300 reward card. Otherwise, all other new customers get a $100 card.

Sign-up Bonus #3
Up to $300 Reward Card


Base Perks
Available with all plans

  • 2 Year Price Guarantee (price won't increase for 2 yrs)
  • Free Standard Installation for up to 6 rooms
  • Free Premium Channels for 3 months
  • Free Voice Remote & Smart DVR
  • Free DISH Anywhere app (watch live TV or your recordings from anywhere)

Base Perks
Available with all plans


NFL Redzone, NFL Network, College, ESPN, etc.

Top 120 Plus is the first DISH plan that gives you access to the NFL Redzone and NFL Network, 100% free. For the uninitiated, NFL Redzone broadcasts every NFL redzone attack and TD (great for fantasy junkies). Also get the Big Ten Network, Longhorn Network, SEC Network, Pac 12 Network, etc.


You won't get any of the sports channels to the left other than the ESPN suite (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews & ESPNU).

This Plan Best For...
Sports (NFL/college) fans

With the extra college channels, NFL Network, Redzone and Fox Sports 2, Top 120 Plus is the most economical choice for the casual and even big-time sports fan.

This Plan Best For...
Families looking to save

If cost is a key factor but you still want access to the majority of your favorite channels, Top 120 should be a great fit.

Overall Savings
Over $750

After the life of the 2-year contract (prices guaranteed for 2 years), compared to cable, you're looking at a savings of at least $675. That takes into account programming fees, channel value, sign-up bonuses, base perks, etc.

Overall Savings
Over $695

You'll get a bit less value with this plan but also pay $15 less per month ($84.99/mo, DISH's lowest-priced option) - America's Top 120 is a solid pick for those uncertain or just new to DISH.

Where to Get These Offers

As of today, you can lock in these specials (and a few other similar ones) below. You have the option of ordering online or over the phone and, in most cases, there's no dollar advantage to choosing one over the other...

The Best Price Package
Expires: soon
  • Plans starting as low as $84.99/mo
  • Over 190 live TV channels
  • Prices locked in for 2 years
  • Bonus: Get up to a $300 Gift Card!
  • FREE Smart HD DVR (Hopper 3 or Duo)
  • FREE Showtime, STARZ and DISH Movie Pack for 3 Months
  • FREE HD for Life! (w/ agreement, autopay & paperless billing)
  • BONUS: Free Voice Remote with Google Assistant
Order Online
Order by Phone
Open now? Yes.
Next-day installation available? Yes.
48% Off

Special Discounts

DISH's Military Offer
Military Offer

If you're active or retired military, get the Stars & Stripes Pack and pay-per-view movies free.

DISH'S 55 and Over Offer
Aged 55 & over Offer

If you've hit or passed the cool 55, get DISH Protect and pay-per-view movies free.

DISH's Teachers Offer
Teacher Offer

For our underappreciated educators, also get the Heartland Pack and pay-per-view movies added at no cost.

DISH's Healthcare Offer

For frontline workers, get the Heartland Pack and pay-per-view movies free.

Seasonality Plays a Big Role

Landing a great deal is all about timing and knowledge, mixed in with a little bit of luck. With satellite TV and DISH, offers change all the time so it's always a good idea to have your favorite plan picked out early so you can jump on that hot promo when you're ready to switch. If you have the luxury of time and can wait it out, offers tend to be at their peak during Spring and through the start of the NFL season (late August). Since DIRECTV has exclusive rights to the NFL (and advertises a ton leading up to opening day), DISH tries to match them as closely as possible with their bonuses. Otherwise, during the rest of the year, they always have a solid line-up of specials available for the taking.

Buying Tip: If you had your eye on an offer and noticed it just expired, don't get too bummed. You may be able to call up DISH and still get it added to your account. When you're chatting with your customer service rep, be sure to request the exact deal by name (even better, jot down the promo code beforehand). Sometimes exceptions are made and if it hasn't been expired for too long, a manager can often lock that in to win your business. No harm in asking, right?

Why are the Best Deals only Available to New Customers?

Sounds a little exclusionary, but it's been an industry practice for decades. In general, telco companies thrive and grow with NEW business and if you've never been a paying customer, it's well worth it for them to toss in as many free perks as possible. Of course, they'd always rather not pay you to sign-up, so it's totally up to you to take full advantage of the (sometimes hidden) exclusive pricing and goodies. Kudos, being on this page has you well ahead of the curve :).

Now, back to the term "new customer", who exactly qualifies? For both DIRECTV and DISH, the policy is a lack of a subscription to the service during the previous 24 months. For example, if you had DISH 2.5 years ago and are coming back, you qualify. If you're within 2 years, you'll only get the best package pricing available, not the sign-up extras. Of course, if a household is involved, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from putting the bill in another person's name. Just be sure they're fiscally responsible (been there, done that :/).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get the same deal whether I call or order online?

Yes. Core deals for DISH are the same regardless of how you sign up. However, DISH will ocassionally offer an extra perk if you sign up online -- since an agent isn't involvded, so less overhead per order, they're able to incentivize online a bit.

How many different DISH deals are there every year?

There's no hard and fast schedule but DISH typically rolls out a new promo every 3-6 months. Factors typically include DIRECTV deal changes, competition from streaming, overall health of the economy, etc.

Do the deals apply every month or just the first month?

It depends. For example, the military and first responder offers include free channel packs. Those provide value every month. Other specials like a free PPV movie are one-time use or good once a month (check the details or confirm with a support agent).

Should I wait a few months for a better deal?

Hard to say but there's no correlation with the time of year and overall deal value. Your best bet is to prioritize your needs. If you're looking to save from cable or get more programming than streaming, you'll probably get more value by signing up sooner rather than later.

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