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Spectrum Cable

Spectrum Cable

Founded: 1980 (as Charter)
Corporate Site: www.spectrum.com
# Subscribers: >32 million
Subsidiaries: Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum is the second-largest cable provider in the country (behind Xfinity). Re-branded from parent company Charter in 2014, Spectrum now houses a bunch residential services: Internet, TV, Mobile, Security and more. They're available throughout the majority of the United States, often overlapping Xfinity's service areas. Spectrum Mobile is a Verizon MVNO and generally provides a cost-effective alternative. Here's more on their TV and internet services:

Spectrum TV

Our Review


Spectrum doesn't offer as many TV plans as others, but their three plans are value-packed and a perfect complement to an internet plan. Channel packs give you more control over programming and what you pay.

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TV Plans

TV Stream (80 chs): $39.99
TV Select (150 chs): $64.99
Mi Plan Latino (140 chs): $39.99

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As with most larger cable providers, there are seasonal offers available for new customers, particularly for households looking to bundle at least two services. All of their plans and bundles are 100% contract-free.

Spectrum plan savings

TV only Bundle


Spectrum is available in over 43 states. That coverage includes TV, internet and home phone.

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Spectrum Internet

Our Review


Overall, while they don't have cutting-edge equipment, Spectrum's internet prices are fair and reliability and speed above-average. In the vast majority of cases, we recommend folks that live in a Spectrum-serviced area choose them first...

Internet Plans

Internet 300 (300 Mbps): $49.99
Spectrum Ultra (500 Mbps): $69.99
Spectrum Gig (1,000 Mbps): $79.99

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Spectrum Company Outlook

Thanks to steady growth, smart mergers (e.g, Time Warner Cable) and generally good service, Spectrum has cemented its status as the second largest cable provider in the country. Their prices tend to be competitive with other cable and fiber services, with Spectrum being a tad higher overall... mostly due to extra fees added to the base price.

Their parent company, Charter, is a publicly-listed company and like most telco firms, has had its challenges over the past handful of years. Competition from streaming has dug into its TV reach as their internet service continues to lead their progress and growth. A relatively new partnership with Verizon as an MVNO provider gives Spectrum even more customer and bundling options.

Overall, Spectrum isn't growing as fast as it used to (who is?), but with a near monopoly in a ton of counties, expect it to be a leader in internet, fiber and mobile for the foreseeable future.

Plans no longer available

TV Essentials - officially replaced by the TV Stream package in early 2024, TV Essentials offered 65 channels for $29.99/mo. This is part of Spectrum's shift of all their TV plans to streaming (with no reliance on traditional receivers). Customers with TV Essentials will remain on their plans and likely be transitioned to TV Stream in the near future. Overall, while TV Stream costs $10 more, it provides 15 more channels and, in our analysis, has more overall value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save more by bundling with Spectrum Mobile?

Yes. Backed by Verizon's wireless network, Spectrum Mobile is a solid option for most customers. Their cost-effective bundles are an attractive alternative to Verizon plans and if you can take advantage of a bundling offer with internet and/or TV, even more reason to switch. Just make sure data caps are comparable with your current plan, especially if you'll be moving over multiple lines.

Should I invest in Charter stock?

Well, like all things Wall Street, it can be a guessing game. Being a Spectrum customer certainly gives you an inside look at how good or bad their current tech and services are, but getting in at the right time or price is a separate deal altogether. Either way, good luck.

Did they switch to Spectrum due to bad press?

Sort of. At the time of the switch to Spectrum (2014), Charter didn't have the best customer service reputation. After a few different acquisitions and change in culture. they wanted a fresh start. Re-branding made the most sense. To their credit, service and satisfaction rates have steadily improved since then.

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