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DISH's Teacher Offer

Last updated: 12/5/2023
DISH's Teachers Offers

You get: Heartland Pack, Monthly PPV & DISH Anywhere
Available to: all DISH customers (who are teachers)
Expires: soon
ValueScore: 97/100

Teachers are way too under-appreciated in our society. From non-competitive salaries to lack of funding, they educate and inspire the next generation. These days, if you want to be a teacher, it sort of has to be your calling as the fringe benefits just aren't there (other than the summer breaks).

At least when it comes to TV, though, DISH is doing their part to say "thank-you" to teachers. All teachers, at any level, now qualify for quite a good special. Specifically, you'll get the entire Heartland add-on pack (14 extra channels) for free. You'll also get 1 free pay-per-view (On Demand) program per month and a free upgrade to DISH Anywhere (stream your programming from anywhere).

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Heartland Pack included free

Of all of DISH's channel add-on packs, Heartland is one of the best. It includes 14 channels for a regular price of $6/mo. As the name implies, Heartland includes a bunch of fun, mainstream programming:

Hallmark, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark Drama, OWN, UPtv, PixL, Game Show Network, Discovery Family, BabyTV, RFD-TV, Cowboy Channel, Cowgirl Channel and the Game Show Network.

Free pay-per-view rental every month

DISH has a pretty large On Demand library (>20,000 new movies and >80,000 total titles). In this offer, you score 1 free rental every month, for the life of your time as a subscriber. Pay-per-view rentals can go for upwards of $8/mo so that's a nice total value over the life of your contract.

Free DISH Anywhere upgrade

DISH Anywhere is a Hopper feature that lets you watch live TV, your DVR library or even On Demand programming from anywhere with an internet connection. So, if you're out of town, running errands or just waiting in line somewhere, simply use the DISH Anywhere to access your DISH Hopper's program guide. A connection of at least 10 Mbps is suggested but as low as 5 Mbps still works.

Wrapping up

Teachers have enough to deal with during a long school day. Getting to come home and catch up on your DVR playlist kind of helps. And a few freebies from DISH just sweetens the deal. Sure, it won't grade your papers for ya but, hey, every little bit helps. Value-wise, this Teachers Offer delivers about $20 in free content every month (assuming you always use the PPV).

So, if you're an active teacher and considering DISH (or already have it), be sure to get the specials added to your account. Simply call up customer service and provide your school's ID or other source of verification. Enjoy and thanks for being a teacher!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if it's summer break - do I still qualify?

Yes. All active teachers can participate, regardless of the point in the school year. If you're a part-time educator (e.g., tutor or teaching assistant), you may qualify as well. Get in touch with customer service to confirm.

I'm not a teacher but someone else in my household is. Do we qualify?

Technically, the account holder (person on the bill) needs to be the employed teacher. However, if you add a teacher in the household to the account, that should work (you may not even need to formally add them). Call up your service representative and they'll advise you on the best route.

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