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How to stream FOX without cable in 2023

FOX streaming options
FuboTV is our recommended service for watching Fox. Best Provider
No free stream
Fox does have their own mobile app.
Fox app

You can watch FOX without a cable or satellite TV subscription on plenty of streaming services. FOX is one of the premier national channels around, so if a streaming service offers locals, it almost always includes FOX. Of all the options, Hulu with Live TV, DIRECTV Stream and Fubo TV are our recommended providers. Regarding free options, other than during free trials, there's no current way to stream the Fox channel at no cost (bummer, I know). Read on for all the details...

Note: For all sections below, a checkmark A checkmark below means that it's our favorite. denotes our recommendation for that particular plan, feature or category.

Streaming services that include FOX

3 different pay providers

FOX is technically considered a local channel and you'll always get a regional version of the broadcast. For example, when watching NFL games on FOX, halftimes and breaks between games usually transfer over to your local Fox affiliate for regional news, sports and updates. And, of course, mornings and primetime include your local news feed as well.

In the streaming age, national coverage by CNN is nice and all, but nothing beats keeping up with everything going on in your town, especially during an emergency. Toss in the The Simpsons, Family Guy, 9-1-1, NFL, Super Bowl, World series and a ton more, Fox is high up on a lot of must-have streaming lists.

FOX on Hulu with Live TV

Hulu Live with FOX

Launched in 2007 and owned by Disney/NBCUniversal, Hulu has been at the cutting edge of streaming ever since. In 2017, they added the Live TV option which gives you access to a bunch of local and national channels, similar to the library you get with cable or satellite TV. One of the channels included is FOX (along with sister channels FX, FX Movies and FXX). So, a total of 4 Fox properties with Hulu. There are two different Hulu with Live TV plans available, regular ad-supported ($69.99/mo) and no ads ($75.99).

The ad version is slightly annoying but no more than your average ad-supported streaming service. There's not an exhorbitant number of commercials and, not surprisingly, no way to skip the ads. Note that the ad-free version is >99% without commercials. A few programs force Hulu (or anyone) to show ads before and after the episode; the main part is interruption-free, however.

Price /mo
Hulu with Live TV (ad-supported)
Free Disney+ & ESPN+
Hulu with Live TV (no ads)
Free Disney+ & ESPN+


  • Solid mix of 75 high-demand channels
  • Simultaneous connections: 2
  • Hulu cloud DVR: 50 hrs, no extra cost
  • Access to Hulu on-demand library
  • Disney+ and ESPN+ included free


  • More expensive than other options with FOX

Overall, both the Live TV versions of Hulu seem to satisfy most most subscribers. At $69.99/mo, it's on the higher side of pricing for live TV streaming plans that include Fox. Their prices have also gradually increased over the years but they have bundled in ESPN+ and Disney Plus under that same price. So, if you're a fan of ESPN+, Disney Plus or both, it's a pretty attractive plan, even at $69.99.

Can I watch Fox on Hulu Live for free?

Yep. New Hulu subscribers can get an unlimited 7-day free trial after you sign-up. It's a nice way to test out the app, guide and programming. There are no strings attached and you'll get full access to all features. Just make sure to set your own reminder before the week is up (Hulu doesn't send any reminder emails).


DIRECTV Stream with FOX

DIRECTV Stream is a lightweight, no-installation version of DIRECTV's satellte plans. There's no physical receiver and all recorded shows are sent to DIRECTV's cloud DVR. One of DIRECTV's big advantage over Hulu and Sling TV is their unlimited DVR storage (they both cap you at 50 hrs).

Their second advantage over the rest of the competition is local (sports) coverage. The carry a full suite of local channels, including FOX. And thanks to their pedigree from DIRECTV satellite and AT&T, they also offer the most regional sports networks of any streaming provider. So, in addition to FOX, DIRECTV Stream will get you the most access to local sports (varies by zip code).

Price /mo
Unlimited DVR storage (online only)
Unlimited DVR, HBO Max free for 3 mths


  • Full suite of local channels
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage
  • Simultaneous connections: 3
  • Fast-forward through commercials
  • Multiple recordings at a time


  • Extra taxes on top of prices above

Overall, DIRECTV Stream ticks most of the boxes for folks looking for a full programming plan, including locals and FOX. Regarding commercials, DIRECTV Stream doesn't offer a no-ad version. DIRECTV has licensing agreement with networks that require ads be inserted. The big difference here, though, is you can fast-forward thru them. So, it's less intrusive than forced 60s - 120s ad blocks on other streaming services.

FOX on FuboTV

FuboTV with FOX

Fubo started out as a soccer and sports focused service. However, after a few years they quickly addressed the demand for more programming. They're still the best place to stream global sports but also have a nice lineup of more mainstream channels, including FOX. FuboTV's other Fox-related channels include FS1, FS2, Fox News, Fox 4K, Fox Business, Fox Deportes, Fox Soccer Plus and Fox Weather. So, clearly they biggest Fox-related line-up on this list and right up amongst all straming providers. All told, the entry plan (Pro) sports 121 channels (100+ sporting events) for $69.99/mo.

With respect to their cloud DVR, there's plenty of room at a cap of 1,000 hours. They also let you access the service on an unlimited number of screens (10 at home). So, great flexibility when you have a bunch of sports fans under one roof.

Price /mo
7-day free trial
7-day free trial


  • Best overall sports coverage
  • 1,000 hours of DVR storage
  • Unlimited Screens
  • Don't raise rates that often


  • Might pay a little more for sports coverage

If you prefer Spanish-language programming, Fubo also have a Latino plan that offers 40 channels, 250 hrs of DVR and 2 screens for $32.99/mo. Nice value, especially if you don't need 100+ channels. The Latino package doesn't come with a free trial offer so plan accordingly. When it comes to compatible devices, FuboTV can be accessed via all the major players, FireTV, android, Roku, Apple TV, iOS, etc. In the end, if you're a year-round sports junky (especially for soccer), this is your best service with FOX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't all live streaming providers include FOX?

The majority do but it all comes down to cost. Fox (and its sister channels) don't come cheap. So, unless the provider is large enough or has been around for a while, they might not have the negotiating clout to add it to their lineup.

Are there restrictions on recording live programs on FOX

No. You'll be able to schedule and record as many FOX shows as you like. Years ago, there were occasional DVR restrictions with certain networks but that's largely all gone.

Can I just get something like a Fox(+) Plus to get it that way?

Not anymore. FOX phased out its FOX+ app a couple years ago to focus on licensing and other core programming (there is a FOX Nation app).

Is the NFL coverage on FOX via streaming the same as cable/satellite?

Exactly the same. The feed, programming and coverage is identical. Even the overlap with local NFL coverage is the same. It's all based on geography and your zip.

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