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How to watch HGTV without cable in 2024

MLB Network streaming options
Fubo is our recommended service for watching HGTV. Best Provider
Free trial
HGTV does have their own mobile app.
HGTV app

A favorite for weekend warriors and real estate flippers, you can watch HGTV without cable on a variety of streaming services. Our recommended providers include Fubo, Sling TV, Philo and DIRECTV Stream. The only free way to catch HGTV is during a free trial and they do offer quite a good mobile app. Read on for all the details...

Note: For all sections below, a checkmark A checkmark below means that it's our favorite. next to a plan means that it's our favorite way of getting HGTV.

Streaming services with HGTV

4 top streaming services

If you dig reality shows that deal with home renovation, buying and flipping, you'll love Home and Garden TV (HGTV). Most of the shows focus on setting a big (or small) home goal and reaching it by the end of the episode. So, for current or prospective home owners, it's a great way to learn something new or just veg out. Where to watch it though? Well, good news is HGTV is widely available. We most often recommend Fubo and, for those on a budget, Philo has it in their stripped down plans...

HGTV on Fubo - our recommended service

Streaming HGTV with Fubo
  • Channels: 261
  • Best price: $32.99
  • 7-day free trial
Fubo Program Guide Visit Fubo

Especially for folks leaving cable, of all the streaming platforms, Fubo has one of the more similar channel lineup. It has just about all the same channels, including HGTV, at a better overall price. HGTV is included in all three of their plans, with the least-expensive being Pro (185 channels for $79.99/mo).

Speaking of their lineups, Fubo has a good number of other home improvement channels as well. For starters, they have the Spanish version of HGTV, Hogar de HGTV. It translates a bunch of popular HGTV shows in Spanish with a growing number original programming. Some of other channels include Tastemade Home, At Home with Family Handyman, The Design Network and more. Compare Fubo's three plans.

Price /mo
Free Trial
1,000 hrs Cloud DVR
7 days
1,000 hrs Cloud DVR
7 days


  • Bunch of other similar channels
  • Also great for sports fans
  • 1,000 hours of DVR storage
  • Watch on up to 10 screens


  • Not the cheapest in this list
Live TVStreaming FuboFubo review

Overall, Fubo is one of our favorite providers for a couple reasons: its comprehensive lineup and value. If you want a full suite of channels and, especially, if you're a sports fan, it's a great option. Mix in the fact they offer an unrestricted 7-day free trial, it's definitely worth giving them a shot for a week or so.

HGTV on Sling TV

Streaming HGTV with Sling
  • Channels: 46
  • Best price: $40
  • 7-day free trial
Sling TV Program Guide Visit Sling

Sling is a skinny bundle streaming provider. That means they don't carry a full lineup like you get with cable. Instead, they've removed most of the less popular channels to save on cost for subscribers. Good thing for HGTV fans is that it's a super popular network and found in both of Sling's plans, Orange and Blue. Each is $40/mo and features a different theme of channels.

For folks that dig HGTV, they'd probably slightly prefer Orange. Neither plan truly has extra home improvement channels but at least Orange also has TLC and USA. Both plans share A&E and Travel Channel.

Price /mo
Free Trial
Prepay and save
7 days
Prepay and save
7 days


  • Inexpensive option
  • 50 hours of DVR storage
  • Device streams: 1 (Orange); 3 (Blue)
  • No contracts
  • Solid set of add-on channels


  • Orange only allows one device stream
  • Limited local channel coverage (only FOX & NBC)
Live TVStreaming Sling TVSling TV

Overall, Sling is a cheap and lightweight way to get HGTV. There's very little fluff and the lower price reflects that. Other than HGTV, there aren't any other home improvement channels (the closest you'll get are channels like Travel and A&E. So, if you're looking for just HGTV and at least a handful of other channels in Sling's lineup are a good match, consider giving Sling a try.

HGTV on Philo

Speaking of skinny, Philo wears a size 2. With just one plan (70 channels for $25/mo), it's a solid way to get HGTV, even if that's all you watch. For home improvement junkies, Philo carries a few other channels similar to HGTV: Homemade Nation, Tastemade Home and Tiny House Nation. So, quite a good selection of similar programming.

Not surprisingly, there are a couple major drawbacks with Philo. First, you won't get any local programming with Philo. Second, sports are basically non-existent (other than the Outside channel, beIN Sports Extra and MSG Sports Zone).

Price /mo
Free Trial
Unlimited DVR
7 days


  • Cheapest way to livestream HGTV
  • Over 70,000 On Demand titles
  • Unlimited DVR (12 months)


  • No locals or regional sports
Live TVStreaming PhiloPhilo

Overall, and for most folks, Philo is more of a piece of puzzle rather than the whole enchilada. Their lineup, while surprisingly good for the price, won't satisfy the needs of most households. So, when you really want HGTV, Philo is a good way to get just HGTV and hopefully a few other favorite channels mixed in. To their credit, they have an above-average program guide and the unlimited DVR storage is a nice perk.


Streaming HGTV with DIRECTV Stream
  • Channels: 140
  • Best price: $79.99
  • 5-day free trial
DIRECTV Stream Screenshot Visit DIRECTV Stream

There's a lot to like about DIRECTV Stream, the internet-only version of DIRECTV. It shares a bunch of the same stellar programming as DIRECTV satellite, including regional sports. And, the big upside is Stream is contract-free so you can get it just for a particular sports season, event, etc. With regard to HGTV, it's available in all four of their plans. So, if you want to save as much as possible, consider getting the Entertainment plan first.

A nice bonus is that DIRECTV Stream also includes a bunch of other channels that have home improvement programming. Some of those include BBC, Bravo, TLC, Discovery and Tastemade Home. They don't have diy, however.

Price /mo
Free Trial
  • Free Sports Pack
5 days
$83.99 $108.99
  • Save $50 over 2 mths
  • Free Sports Pack
5 days


  • Full & complete lineup
  • Unlimited cloud DVR
  • Simultaneous connections: 3
  • Fast-forward through commercials
  • Multiple recordings at one time


  • Extra taxes on top of prices above
Live TVStreaming DIRECTV StreamDTV Stream

Overall, there's plenty to like about the relatively new DIRECTV Stream. Its DVR tech is cutting edge and the user experience is top notch. Not surprisingly, these plans are the closest to mainstream cable or satellite TV. The big difference here is the lack of a contract. You're able to cancel anytime, no fees or penalties apply. New customers can even cancel anytime within the first 5 days and receive a full refund, so plenty of time to give the service a whirl.

How to Watch for Free

While there's no way to watch all of HGTV's programming for free (for an extended period of time), there are a couple ways to get a taste of the sawdust. HGTV's mobile app (HGTV Go) is quite good and they usually let you watch a few episodes or older programs for free, no provider login required. Simply download it and whatever is free will be noticeably unlocked.

The second way is during a free trial from a streaming provider, like those on this page. Most featured here offer a 7-day trial. You usually need to provide your billing details when you sign-up but it won't be charged until your trial is over. So, try it out, watch and record HGTV all you want, and decide if it's worth paying for the service.

Streaming services with and without HGTV

As mentioned, HGTV is a very popular AND widely-available channel - most medium to large streaming provider lineups will include it (as can be seen in the graphic below). So, when you're shopping around, HGTV won't usually dictate your decision back, as it's probably already included. Just be sure to check if it's a must-have. By the way, HGTV is available on Hulu as well, we just don't think it's the best fit for most HGTV fans.

HGTV streaming options
Stream Hulu LiveHulu Live
Streaming DIRECTV StreamDTV Stream
Streaming FuboFubo
Streaming Sling TVSling TV
Streaming YouTube TVYouTube TV
Streaming PhiloPhilo
Streaming Peacock TVPeacock TV
  • $4.99/mo
  • 7-day trial
Streaming Paramount+Paramount+
  • $4.99/mo
  • 7-day trial

Popular shows on HGTV

HGTV's Flip or Flop
Flip or Flop

Some of the best original home improvement shows were born on HGTV. For example, Flip or Flop is just about everyone's favorite. HGTV spends a ton of time and money carefully cultivating their shows (and how they fit in together). Unlike other networks, there's a bunch of overlap between HGTV shows that can easily lead to LONG binge-watching sessions (guily as charged!). Who can leave before seeing how that atrocious kitchen got remodeled? Anyhow, here's a quick look of some of their more popular channels:

  • Flip or Flop - first seen in 2013, follow along as Tarek El Moussa and Christina Hall flip their way to another success story (or not).
  • Home Town - launched in 2016, another couple (Ben and Erin Napier) takes on the task of remodeling home for clients
  • House Hunters - another reality show, watch as families look for their next (hopefully) forever home... to rent or buy.
  • 100 Day Dream home - Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt take on the tough task of planning and building a new home from scratch for their clients... all in 100 days.

Streaming devices with HGTV

HGTV has a VERY popular and functional mobile app. It lets you easily find, watch and download shows... all from your phone or tablet. You can also watch via a desktop or laptop browser, again excellent user interface as small learning curve. In general, all these mobile or online watching avenues are called HGTV Go.

Our personal favorite way of watching HGTV while on the go is the Android app. In our experience, it works a tad better than the iOS version. It also seems to load/respond faster thought that could just happen to be network-related. Here's an overall look at how to watch HGTV.

Stream it on:
Roku TV
Apple TV
Fire TV
Xbox TV
Nvidia TV
Web browser
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