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AT&T Fiber Internet

Blazing fast
AT&T offers Fiber internet
AT&T Fiber Internet
Speeds up to
Upload: 5 Gbps
Contract: none
Cap: none
Price: $55
AT&T Fiber Review
AT&T Fiber Internet

AT&T's master plan is to shift current and prospective DSL customers to fiber... ASAP. That transition is well underway in many parts of the country. When AT&T Fiber makes it to your neighborhood, there's almost always no reason not to switch. Their fiber plans are often just as cheap as DSL but light-speeds faster, literally. With speeds that range from 300 Mbps to 5 Gbps (prices starting at $55/mo), AT&T has some of the best value fiber plans out there.

For folks that work with big files on a regular basis, fiber has equal download and upload rates. So, uploading a huge file takes seconds instead of minutes. Toss in the fact that fiber is, by nature, way more reliable than copper (DSL) or cable internet, it's the wave of the future and should be near the top of your internet wish list.

Equipment-wise, fiber requires a very specific type of modem to convert an optical signal to usable home internet. So, chances are any previous modems you have at home won't work with AT&T Fiber. Fortunately, AT&T provides a free and quite advanced WiFi Gateway as part of any fiber plan. WiFi management is also quite easy thanks to their Smart Home Manager app.

Finally, last piece of good news: there's no data cap on any AT&T fiber plan. Unlike other internet types, fiber doesn't slow down with more subscribers on your core line or at peak usage times. Clean, fast and simple.

PERFECT FOR: anyone in an AT&T Fiber area (no real downside).

AT&T Fiber Pricing

Excellent value across the board

Here's a more detailed look at AT&T's Fiber plans. Note that the first plan, Fiber 300, is multiple times faster than their DSL Plans yet the exact same price. As you go up in speed, price gradually increases but only relative to the increase in Mbps (other providers gouge you for anything above 500 Mbps). That's the big upside with AT&T: extremely competitive prices. In fact, as far as fiber goes, it's the cheapest way to get it, period. Most households will never need more than 500 Mbps and that plan is a very reasonable $65/mo. Overall, unless you're in a contract with another provider or married to someone who works for another ISP, you really should get AT&T fiber.

Finally, AT&T doesn't hike prices after your first year and as all plans are contract-free, you have full flexibility over how and when you use the service.

Cost (Yr 1)
Cost (Yr 2+)
Fiber 300
300 Mbps
$55 /mo
$55 /mo
Fiber 500
500 Mbps
$65 /mo
$65 /mo
Fiber 1000
1000 Mbps
$80 /mo
$80 /mo
Fiber 2000
2000 Mbps
$150 /mo
$150 /mo
Fiber 5000
5000 Mbps
$180 /mo
$180 /mo

All the prices above include AT&T's auto-pay discount of $5/mo. That's a good percentage of your total bill and we always recommend signing up as soon as possible after account creation (it takes 1-2 billing cycles before the discount retroactively shows up on your bill).

AT&T wireless phone customers: you can receive an additional $20 off per month. Simply make sure both accounts share the same information (name, email, number) and the discount should automatically be applied to your internet bill.

Plan Features

When you sign-up for AT&T Fiber, you get access to a solid amount of features. From free equipment to high-tech WiFi, there's good value. Sure, you won't get access to millions of free public hotspots like with Xfinity but you also don't have to pay for equipment or deal with a data cap here.

Free AT&T Fiber WiFi Gateway
Free WiFi Gateway with All-Fi

AT&T fiber's WiFi Gateway (modem + router, model BGW320), is included free across all their plans. It uses the latest WiFi 6 (branded as All-Fi) which maximizes coverage and reliability. You can purchase your own but unless you need custom security and privacy, their Gateway works quite well.

Unlimited data with AT&T Fiber
Unlimited data

Fast internet plans don't mean much unless data use is unrestricted. That's the case here with absolutely no data cap on any fiber plan.

AT&T Active Armor
AT&T Active Armor

With all plans, AT&T's most advanced security suite is included free. Known as Active Armor, it performs slightly better than similar built-in software. If you want advanced coverage like a VPN and ID protection, you'll need to subscribe for $7/mo.

Current AT&T Fiber Deals (Online)

Since AT&T is looking to entice as many folks as possible to sign-up for fiber, there are plenty of deals available. The best current offers are for online orders only and include a reward card for new customers ("new" typically means you haven't had the service in over two years). You can get anywhere from $200 to $250, depending on the plan. Here's the full list:

  • $250 Visa Reward Card - AT&T Fiber plans 300 and 500 get you a $200 reward card. Fiber 1000 and above qualify you for the $250 card instead. You'll need to use promo code "EXTRA100" during checkout to apply the full amount.
  • Wireless bundle discount - if you already have an AT&T Cellphone Wireless account, you can reduce your Fiber bill by $20/mo. Excellent bundling discount and works for AT&T as well as it keeps you in their ecosystem for two important home services. To qualify, your Wireless and Fiber service addresses must match.
  • Access from AT&T - Low-income program for customers that qualify via the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), SNAP, SSI or similar. Get a $30 monthly credit you can apply to your fiber plan.
  • Auto-pay discount - Decrease your fiber bill by $5/mo by signing up for auto-pay (bank account or debit card required).
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AT&T Fiber Availability

Still rolling out nationwide

AT&T internet has a presence in 21 states. In those coverage areas, on average, you have about a 40% chance of having access to fiber. For the most part, big cities are more likely to have it than more remote or rural cities. It can vary within your neighborhood as well. Someone a few houses down may have access while due to boundary lines or access issues to your home, you don't (yet). Enter your zip code below to check on current status...

Find out if AT&T Fiber services your area
State (% covered)
Alabama (26.88%)
Arkansas (22.72%)
California (28.96%)
Florida (21.56%)
Georgia (30.6%)
Illinois (30.96%)
Indiana (21.48%)
Kansas (29.92%)
Kentucky (19.08%)
Louisiana (32.32%)
Michigan (29.52%)
Mississippi (25.24%)
Missouri (25.24%)
Nevada (7.52%)
North Carolina (19%)
Ohio (20.48%)
Oklahoma (27%)
South Carolina (22.32%)
Tennessee (28.72%)
Texas (28.16%)
Wisconsin (22.92%)

Fees and Hidden Charges

With some ISPs, this section is packed with secondary or obscure fees. To AT&T's credit, all their fiber plans have a very straight-forward pricing and fee structure. With no data caps or equipment fees, the only real fee to contend with is during set-up...

Installation fee

Unless you install everything yourself (which isn't always easy with fiber), you'll need to pay a one-time installation fee of $99. And especially if your home hasn't had a fiber account active before, you'll almost definitely want an expert to swing by and get everything working as it should... including optimizing your WiFi coverage.

Up-front fee(s)


Sample AT&T Fiber Bill (1st year)

Assuming you get the Fiber 300 plan and install the equipment yourself, here's what you can expect on your first (and subsequent) bills. As with all providers, a state tax may apply as well (usually a couple bucks a month).

Fiber 300
Installation fee
waived if self-install
  • auto-pay discount
  • ($5)
Residential Taxes
state fees (approx.)
WiFi Gateway

Since prices don't increase in year two and beyond, that's what you'll pay until/unless AT&T raises prices.

Ways to order AT&T Fiber

You'll save quite a bit more by ordering online so, with AT&T Fiber, we typically recommend that route first. If you have questions beforehand, calling or chatting with support before checking out online works well for most.

AT&T Fiber Deal
Expires: soon
  • AT&T Fiber Internet as low as $55/mo
  • 300 Mbps download, 300 Mbps upload
  • Up to $250 Reward Card
  • Free AT&T WiFi Gateway modem + router
  • Advanced Security Suite included
  • Save $20/mo when you bundle with Wireless
Order Online
Order by Phone
Open now? Yes.
Immediate set-up available? Yes.
40% Off

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install AT&T Fiber?

If fiber is already wired at your residence and an account was previously active, under 30 minutes. If copper cable wires need to be switched to fiber-optic, it could take a few hours.

What's the fastest speed available with fiber?

At 5 Gbps, AT&T Fiber has the highest top speed in the industry. As a technology, fiber can reach upwards of 10 Gbps but advertised residential plans, for any fiber provider, almost never exceed 5 Gbps.

How does AT&T Fiber compare to 5G internet?

It's way faster. Assuming your have 5G in your area, 5G internet service uses a modem to convert the wireless signal for home internet use (with WiFi, Ethernet ports, etc). 5G home internet typically maxes out at around 250 Mbps.

What's the biggest downside with AT&T Fiber?

Fiber is the fastest way to get internet service, wired or wireless. It's also the most reliable. Perhaps when it's more fully adopted, prices could steadily increase but, for now, it's a must-have in our book for households with access.

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