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Spectrum Mi Plan Latino

Spanish + English combo

Spectrum's primary Spanish plan, Mi Plan Latino is an excellent choice if you want the most bilingual programming. It includes 140 channels for a solid price of $39.99/mo. Of those 140, 75 are in full-time Spanish and 65 in English. So, quite a large number from each. If you're a native Spanish-speaker or just want more Spanish options, this is probably the Spectrum plan for you. Read on for more details...

Mi Plan Latino
140+ channels
$39.99 /mo
no contract required
Regular: $49.99
  • Over 140 live channels
  • 75+ Spanish channels
  • 65+ English channels
  • Free HD channels
  • All your local channels
  • Free Xumo Receiver for 6 mths
  • Spectrum TV App
  • Spectrum pays you to switch
  • Can be bundled with internet
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Mi Plan Latino includes ALL the Spanish channels available from Spectrum. That's 75 channels in 100% Spanish. For example, you'll get Univision, Telemundo, Galavisión, FOX Deportes, Cine Mexicano, Cinelatino and much more. Those 75 are also roughly what you'd get if you ordered Spectrum's primary English plan, Select, and ordered the LatinoView add-on ($15/mo for 70 Spanish channels). Of course, with Mi Plan Latino, you also get 65 high-value English channels. Some of those include: A&E, Animal Planet, FX, History, TBS, TLC, Nat Geo and USA. Finally, this plan also includes all your local channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc).

PERFECT FOR: folks who want Spectrum's largest mix of Spanish and English channels.


See below for a complete listing of all the channels available:

Mi Plan Latino Channel Lineup

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Questions? Call 1-844-895-6321Compare to other plans
Channel Base Channels
Movie Channels
Sports Channels
Local Channels
Spanish Channels
Music Channels
Animal Planet
AyM Sports
BabyFirst TV
Canal Once
Canal Sur
Cartoon Network
Cine Mexicano
CNN en Español
Comedy Central
De Película
De Película Clásico
Discovery en Español
Disney Channel
Disney Jr
E! Entertainment
Ecuavisa Internacional
ESPN Deportes
FanDuel TV
Food Network
FOX Deportes
FOX Life
Hallmark Channel
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
HISTORY en Español
Hola! TV
Home and Garden TV (HGTV)
Inglés Para Todas
Inspiration Channel (INSP)
Investigation Discovery
Jewelry Television
Music Choice
Music Choice - 70s
Music Choice - 80s
Music Choice - 90s
Music Choice - Adult Alternative
Music Choice - Alternative
Music Choice - Blues
Music Choice - Classic Country
Music Choice - Classic Rock
Music Choice - Classical Masterpieces
Music Choice - Contemporary Christian
Music Choice - Country Hits
Music Choice - Dance/EDM
Music Choice - Easy Listening
Music Choice - Gospel
Music Choice - Hip-Hop and R&B
Music Choice - Hip-Hop Classics
Music Choice - Hit List
Music Choice - Indie
Music Choice - Jazz
Music Choice - Kidz Only!
Music Choice - Light Classical
Music Choice - Max
Music Choice - Metal
Music Choice - Mexicana
Music Choice - Musica Urbana
Music Choice - Party Favorites
Music Choice - Pop & Country
Music Choice - Pop Hits
Music Choice - Pop Latino
Music Choice - R&B & Soul
Music Choice - R&B Classics
Music Choice - Rap
Music Choice - Reggae
Music Choice - Rock
Music Choice - Rock Hits
Music Choice - Romances
Music Choice - Singers & Swing
Music Choice - Smooth Jazz
Music Choice - Soft Rock
Music Choice - Solid Gold Oldies
Music Choice - Sound of the Seasons
Music Choice - Soundscapes
Music Choice - Stage & Screen
Music Choice - Teen Beats
Music Choice - Throwback Jamz
Music Choice - Today's Country
Music Choice - Toddler Tunes
Music Choice - Tropicales
Music Choice - Y2K
Nat Geo Mundo
National Geographic
Nick Jr
Paramount Network
SUR Perú
TBN Enlace USA
Tele El Salvador
Telehit Urbano
TV Chile
TV Land
ULTRA Clásico
ULTRA Fiesta
Univision tlnovelas
USA Network
Video Rola
Weather Channel (TWC)
Last updated: 2/13/24
Note: these are national channels only. Your actual lineup will include all your local channels as well.

Where to find this package:

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Mi Plan Latino Deal
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  • Mi Plan Latino for as low as $39.99/mo
  • Over 140 live TV channels
  • Free HD programming
  • All local channels included
  • Spectrum will buy out your current contract
  • Note: This is Spectrum's best offer since Oct 2021
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Actual Cost of the Mi Plan Latino Plan

Monthly charges and hidden fees

In this section, we take a deeper dive into all the less obvious line items that find their way onto your bill. For starters, Spectrum is pretty straight-forward with all the fees in play (during online checkout, they're all clearly displayed). With Mi Plan Latino, you'll contend with two monthly fees, a "Broadcast TV Surcharge" ($25.75/mo) and a regular tax (average of $4/mo).

The Broadcast TV fee covers your local channels. It applies to all subscribers of this plan. Most folks that get Mi Plan Latino watch local channels regularly so while the extra charge isn't fun, it's more palatable if you watch Spanish locals such as Univision and Telemundo.

The tax is a few bucks a month and varies according to local and state government regulations.

Spectrum's Mi Plan Latino fees

Broadcast TV Tax

DVR: HD Box or Apple TV 4K device

During the ordering process, you'll have to choose between two receivers: Spectrum's default HD Box or an Apple TV 4K device. The HD Box won't knock your socks off but it works just fine. The look and feel of the program guide is solid but again, not at the top of its class. Price-wise, the HD Box goes for $12.50/mo. If you want to record shows, you'll need to pay an extra $4.99/mo.

Choosing the Apple TV 4K device works better for customers that already use other streaming services. It lets you add all your streaming accounts (Netflix, Max, etc) and watch everything in the same place as your Mi Plan Latino lineup. The Apple device costs a bit less than the HD box ($5.00/mo). DVR service costs an extra $4.99/mo for up to 50 recorded shows.

Installation: service activation fee

Assuming your residence is already wired for cable TV, it's pretty easy to get going. Connect it to your receiver, Spectrum activates it and you're golden. You can install it yourself or request a technician do it for you. By default, Spectrum charges a one-time activation fee of $30. Especially, if you install it on your own, they're open to waiving the fee. Call them up and ask.

Save with an internet bundle

As with all Spectrum TV plans, you can bundle with TV or phone and save quite a bit. You'll generally save about 30% and also qualify for various bonuses. Setting up autopay will save you an additional $5/mo. Adding phone service (TV, Int + Phone) maximizes your Spectrum rebates. All these bundles are contract-free and don't include any internet data caps. You can also add or remove services without a fee or penalty.

Special: for a limited time, get a $50 bonus on all TV and internet bundles.

Spectrum TV Mi Plan Latino discounts

TV + Int Bundle Bundle bonus

The full cost breakdown is below, assuming 1 TV using the HD Box:

One Time
Mi Plan Latino
activation fee
avail. if you bundle
Residential Taxes
government fees (varies)
Broadcast TV Fee
local channels
Xumo Streaming Box
(free for 6 mths, then $5/mo)

Premium movie and channel add-on packs

Mi Plan Latino plan gives you access to all of Spectrum's add-on channel packs. They offer quite a few, ranging from sports to international programming. Let's take a closer look:

General channels and sports packs

  • Entertainment View ($15/mo, 70+ channels) - this is Spectrum's top add-on pack and an excellent complement to Mi Plan Latino's English programming.
  • Sports View ($7/mo, 20 chs) - if you dig sports, this a great value for a ton of sports programming. Some of the channels included: ESPN News, FS 2, MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, Tennis Channel, etc.
  • Fox Soccer ($10/mo, 1 chs) - a single channel that features non-stop soccer from all the international leagues.
  • MLB Extra Innings ($34.99/mo, 90 games) - score over 90 MLB games every week. Switch to your favorite broadcast team and feed.

International channel packs

The packs are not available via the Spectrum receiver. They're more like streaming add-ons and as such, require the Spectrum TV app. After you subscribe, log in to the Spectrum app and watch there..

  • India View ($19.99/mo) - the most affordable way to watch Hindi channels.
  • India View Premium ($29.99/mo) - the same as India View along with extra channels like SET Asia, Zee TV, etc.
  • Punjabi View ($4.99/mo) - features JUS Punjabi and Willow TV.
  • Filipino View ($19.99/mo) - includes Filipino Channel, Lifestyle Network, GMA Pinoy and GMA News.

Premium movies and streaming content

As with most TV providers, you can add a number of premium movie channels to your plan. You won't get a 3-month free trial like you will with other providers but it is convenient to have everything under one bill and plan. Costs are either the same or a bit lower than getting them separately.

  • max ($15/mo) - aka HBO Max, this pack gives you all the app and traditional HBO channel programming.
  • Showtime - 6 Showtime channels for $10/mo.
  • Starz pack - 2 Starz channels for $9/mo.
  • Movie Channel - 3 Movie Channels for $5/mo.
  • Cinemax - 9 Cinemax channels for $10/mo.
  • MGM+ - full app access for $6/mo.

Spectrum pays you to switch

If you're stuck in a contract with a different provider, Spectrum currently has a deal available that lets you pay off early termination and cancellation fees. Check with your current provider and get that number. Spectrum will cover up to $500. That's usually enough to cover most contracts. You won't have to jump to many hoops to get this done. Get a copy of your latest bill, the ETF and fill out their Contract Buyout form. They'll pay you directly to settle your bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mi Plan Latino Spectrum's only Spanish plan?

Yes, although they have a LatinoView add-on pack that includes 70 channels for $15/mo. If you go with an English plan, it's a good way to get most of the Spanish programming found in Mi Plan Latino.

What if I don't want any English channels?

You can't opt out of any channels with Mi Plan Latino. Keep in mind some of those English channels have a fair amount of Spanish programming.

If I don't want local channels, can I remove the Broadcast fee?

Unfortunately, no. Locals are a required part of Mi Plan Latino. The industry is becoming more flexible with local channels, so that policy may change in the near future.

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