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Watch Telemundo Online (telenovelas & sports)

Last updated: 1/18/2024
Telemundo streaming options
Fubo is our recommended service for watching Telemundo. Best Provider
Free stream
Telemundo does have their own mobile app.
Telemundo app

Telemundo has been a popular source of Spanish-language programming for over two decades now. It's technically a local channel so you can only watch it without cable on streaming services that have a full lineup of locals. For most needs and in most areas, we recommend Fubo, DIRECTV Stream and YouTube TV. The only free way to watch Telemundo is during a trial period, currently available from 5 days (DIRECTV Stream) to 7 days (Fubo). Their dedicated app is one of the best ways to view a mix of live and on demand programming.

Note: For all sections below, a checkmark A checkmark below means that it's our favorite. next to a plan means that it's our favorite way of getting Telemundo.

Telemundo on Fubo - our recommended service

Streaming Telemundo with Fubo
  • Channels: 261
  • Best price: $32.99
  • 7-day free trial
Fubo Program Guide Visit Fubo

Being a local channel, Telemundo is available in roughly half of the United States (mostly near big cities). If you're in one of those areas, a provider that offers local channels will get you access. Fubo is one of those and with an excellent assortment of other channels, it's our top pick for streaming Telemundo. The first Fubo plan that includes Telemundo is their Pro plan: 185 channels for $79.99/mo.

Other Spanish-language channels you'll get with Pro include Telemundo's sister, Universo. You'll also get TUDN (11 channels), beIN Sports En Español, Galavision, UniMás, Univision and Zona Futbol. That's a solid mix and makes sense since Fubo has its roots in Spanish programming.

Finally, Fubo Latino is their Spanish-only plan but it does NOT include Telemundo. We list it below for reference...

Price /mo
Free Trial
250 hrs Cloud DVR
7 days
1,000 hrs Cloud DVR
7 days


  • Most channels for the price
  • Best for sports fans
  • 1,000 hours of DVR storage
  • Watch on up to 10 screens


  • Telemundo not in Latino plan
Live TVStreaming FuboFubo review

Overall, it'd be nice if Fubo included Telemundo in their Latino plan (like it does with Univision). We hope that changes in the future. For now, the first plan with Telemundo is Pro -- it still includes a solid amount of Spanish programming and while it's not as cheap as Latino, you'll get A LOT more programming for the extra cost. If you're not quite sure, you can always try things out for 7 days during their trial.

Telemundo on DIRECTV Stream

Streaming Telemundo with DIRECTV Stream
  • Channels: 140
  • Best price: $79.99
  • 5-day free trial
DIRECTV Stream Screenshot Visit DIRECTV Stream

DIRECTV Stream gives you access to all your local channels at no additional charge, including Telemundo. That's important because some streaming providers charge extra for locals (if they include it all). All of DIRECTV Stream's plans include local channels. The least expensive is their Spanish-language plan, Optimo Más. It includes 100 channels for $79.99/mo. Other Spanish channels in Optimo Más you may dig include Univision, Unimás, Universo, TUDN, TeleCentro, Holá TV, Peru Magico and much more.

If you prefer an English plan, the Entertainment package is the first with Telemundo (75 channels for $79.99/mo). It doesn't include any Regional Sports Networks so you won't be able to catch your local team's games. It also doesn't have much other sports channels so if sports are your thing, you're probably better off upgrading to the next plan, Choice ($4/mo more). As with all DIRECTV Stream plans, there's no contract or received required.

Price /mo
Free Trial
Optimo Más
  • Save $50 over 2 mths
  • Free Sports Pack
5 days
  • Save $50 over 2 mths
  • Free Sports Pack
5 days


  • All your local channels
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage
  • Unlimited connections at home
  • 30+ Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) included
  • HBO, Showtime, STARZ free for 3 mths.


  • Extra taxes on top of base prices
Live TVStreaming DIRECTV StreamDTV Stream

Overall, DIRECTV Stream is another solid way of getting Telemundo. It's cheaper than Fubo but you'll also get 110 less channels so be sure it's worth the trade-off. Unlimited connections let a large household get AND keep streaming content playing without interruption. Finally, a 5-day trial makes the whole thing risk-free. Canceling is easy and can be done directly online (no weird form to fill out or email to use).

Telemundo on YoutubeTV

Telemundo on YouTubeTV

Owned by Google, YouTubeTV is the live TV wing of YouTube. It has a similar look and feel and lets you easily switch back and forth. Programming-wise, it has a solid lineup including a pretty complete list of local channels, including Telemundo. With regard to price, it has one English base plan and it's the only one that includes Telemundo. It goes for $64.99/mo with 85 channels. A fair value overall.

Price /mo
Free Trial
YouTubeTV primary plan
7 days

How to watch Telemundo for free

Try an antenna first (no monthly cost)

Mohu 30 HD antenna
Mohu 30

Being an over-the-air channel, you can get it with nothing else but the cost of an HD antenna ($25-$75). We usually recommend the Mohu -- a great value and is able to capture even the weakest of signals. Check on Amazon. After you get your antenna, all the programming is free and assuming the signal is strong enough, the picture quality is true HD and difficult to tell the difference from streaming HD. In most cities, an HD antenna can capture over 25 local channels -- that's enough for a lot of folks for ALL their TV needs.

Other ways to find Telemundo programming

Telemundo is an NBCUniversal property, so other NBC services broadcast its programming as well. For example, Peacock Premium has a good number of popular shows. NBC.com features a handful of Telemundo shows. Telemundo's apps (more below) are a great way to catch recently aired shows. Watch it on your time with On Demand and keep track of everything. Finally, Hulu and Netflix have contracts with Telemundo to air a some of their more popular series such as La Reina del Sur.

Popular shows on Telemundo

Telemundo Deportes
Telemundo Deportes

Not surprisingly, Telemundo has a wide mix of programming -- its most popular categories include sports and drama (especially telenovelas). In 2014, they won the full rights to the Spanish-language version of the World Cup (men's and women's). It runs until 2026 and also covers FIFA U-17 and Beach Soccer World Cups. Other than the World Cup, they also have broadcast rights to the Summer and Winter Olympics and a bunch of Premier League matches. All that has led to an increased focus on sports analysis and news shows like Telemundo Deportes.

Other than sports, Telemundo's dramas and telenovelas account for a big part of their following. There's always a fresh, new series of telenovelas on the network, with some of the more popular right now: >El Señor de los Cielos, Corazón Valiente, Secretos de Sangre, La Hija del Mariachi, La Tormenta, Señora Acero, Tierra de Reyes, Bella Calamidades

Over the years, there have been a ton of classic programs that have aired on Telemundo. Just some of those include: Betty in NY, The Lord of the Skies, Hidden Passion, You Cannot Hide, Playing with Fire, etc.

Streaming services with and without Telemundo

Telemundo is hugely popular channel so it's no surprise that it's widely available on streaming platforms... those that have live and local channels, that is. That list currently includes Hulu Live, DIRECTV Stream, Fubo and Youtube TV. Sling TV offers a limited number of local channels (mainly just the big 4: ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox) - Telemundo isn't an option and Sling recommends you use an antenna to get it. Peacock, owned by NBC, shows some Telemundo programs as well. It's a relatively small number though so won't be enough for true Telemundo fans.

Telemundo streaming options
Stream Hulu LiveHulu Live
Streaming DIRECTV StreamDTV Stream
Streaming FuboFubo
Streaming Sling TVSling TV
  • $40/mo
  • 7-day trial
Streaming YouTube TVYouTube TV
Streaming PhiloPhilo
  • $25/mo
  • 7-day trial
Streaming Peacock TVPeacock TV
Streaming Paramount+Paramount+
  • $4.99/mo
  • 7-day trial

Devices that work with Telemundo

Like most popular and well-supported channels, Telemundo has full coverage across all major device operating systems (iOS, Android, etc). There's an app that's compatible with all the major streaming devices as well (Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, etc). Sure, some of the smaller streaming device/iOS combos aren't updated as often but they still work well enough. For the most part, no matter where you are and what you use to access Telemundo via the internet, you're likely to be satisfied. Our favorite way of watching Telemundo is via the Roku app but preferences vary quite a bit.

Stream it on:
Roku TV
Apple TV
Fire TV
Xbox TV
Nvidia TV
Web browser

Telemundo has their own dedicated app

Telemundo has their own set of in-house apps and they're quite popular. They're all free to download but require you to login to your TV provider to access the content. Every so often, they'll let non-subscribers access programs via free previews. Nearly all the content is ad-supported, even after you login. The iOS version has a rating of 4.6/5 from over 180k reviews. The Android app generally has more usage with a 4.6/5 from an impressive 5+ million reviews. Of the two, we prefer the Android for its streamlined user interface and ease-of-use.

With both app versions, the major advantage over streaming with a provider's app (eg, Fubo) is the easy access to On Demand. You can quickly find shows, track watch-lists and get alerted when new episodes get added.

Similar channels to Telemundo

How to Watch Telemundo without Cable

Founded in 1984 out of Puerto Rico, Telemundo has grown into the second-largest Spanish language channel in the world (after Univision). In some ways and with certain demographics, it's more popular than Univision but, overall, it still trails them in viewership. In 2010, Comcast took control of 51% of Telemundo - that's important as it gave it further negotiating power with providers and created a strong partnership with Comcast's Xfinity TV line of products. Since then, their programming has evolved quite a few times. Toss in those exclusive soccer contracts and Telemundo packs quite a punch. Here's a rundown of similar channels:

  • Univision - Telemundo's biggest rival for decades, Univision likely won't give up the crown anytime soon. Still, competition breeds innovation and both networks have pushed the programming envelope... and viewers have benefited.
  • benefited - Telemundo's sister channel, it targets a younger demo -- plenty of sports and reality programming. The local NBC channel tends to use it as its Spanish equivalent for a lot of programming.
  • TeleXitos - around since 2012 and a Telemundo partner, its niche is adventure and action type shows from the 1970s to 2000s. The also dub a ton of English movies and, overall, does pretty well against similar networks.
  • Telemundo Internacional - Telemundo's international sister channel, it broadcasts a bunch of national programs (sports, reality, telenovelas) that originally aired on Telemundo.
  • Galavisión - launched in 1979, it's Univision's sister channel. It tends to broadcast shows and telenovelas that Univision retire.
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